Chapter 122

Li Jun and Gu Jiao went back in the VIP room to join Hai Bolin’s group.

Hai Bolin was in a high spirit when Gu Jiao settled on the seat beside here was their department star Li Jun.

The girls on Hai Bolin group specially Lun Chunhua we’re excited, after all an opportunity like this is hard to come by.

Hai Bolin: “Little Sister Jiao, what’s your connection with Li Jun?” He said in a whispering manner as he sat beside Gu Jiao to utilize his plan.

Gu Jiao was blank for a second she didn’t thing any further plan about this and she was reluctant to introduce Li Jun as her big brother.

Just seeing those vultures woman beside her brother makes her irritated and she could see in the future that if she revealed they were siblings this ladies would use her as a way to form connection. She could feel a future that is full of her head aching all the time.

Gu Jiao thought a very vague excuse: “Li Jun is my childhood sweetheart.” While smiling beautifully.

Li Jun raise his eyebrow and gave a meaningful look at her way.

She shied away in embarrassment to be caught to doing a naughty thing and in front of her Male God. She could see what was Li Jun wants to say that she was a very mischievous child to mess with this people regarding their relationship.

Good thing Li Jun didn’t say anything and let her be with her scheme.

Lyn Chunhua was excited when she saw Li Jun entered the room again. When she heard Gu Jiao said about sweetheart her heart was annoyed thinking that such a small girl but already could seduce such a high caliber man.

Not only attracted Hai Bolin but also has the capability to seduce an immortal God like Li Jun. She was un-reconcilable if a little girl such as Gu Jiao could seduce Li Jun then a beauty like her could even more do so.

Lyn Chunhua was a beautiful lady with a killer body. She could make used of it to seduce man with weak heart. She was also confident to her physique that could make weak man do her bidding.

Having this kind of confident combine with the drug she drunk taking effect where her body crave to the touch of a man every minutes that passed by.

She lock on her target, Li Jun to have a taste. She was planning to wreck havoc the relationship between Gu Jiao and Li Jun thinking that Li Jun won’t be able to resist her.

A girl like Gu Jiao if touch would be a crime and Lyn Chunhua was sure a man like Li Jun was a man with hot blooded lust that could burn her to the core.

His sex appeal and charisma could even make her take to the peak just thinking of being pleasured by him.

Lyn Chunhua look at Hai Bolin and saw that her ‘friend with benefit’ is interested to Gu Jiao.

Lyn Chunhua thought everything would be smooth she have an accomplice to achieve her goal. Good thing she always brought a drug that she could use for Li Jun.

She and her friends used this second rate drug for them to boost their sexual drive and take things to the other level. Now she thought that she should bring more for further uses such as this.

Lyn Chunhua saw that Li Jun was distracted being jealous of Hai Bolin, took the chance to put the drugs to Li Jun’s drink when she turned and saw her friends looking at her.

She could see the other girl in her group sitting in anger. She could see it on how they sharply look at them but sadly she just raise an eyebrow.

She Lyn Chunhua couldn’t be trifled this bitches are no match with her either it be beauty and brain she was Superior to them.

She was satisfied when she saw them look away and just swallowed their anger.


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