Chapter 121

Gu Jiao could feel how angry Li Jun is with their kisses.

Li Jun mercilessly kiss her punishing her for putting herself in danger.

Gu Jiao could feel how Li Jun would invade without pity. Tasting every nuke and cranny of her mouth and lips. She pitifully moan with Li Jun’s advances.

While our heroine was busy being eaten, inside the private room where Hai Bolin and his friends are were discussing what happen.

Hai Bolin was twinkling she was sure Gu Jiao won’t leave them because her things are still here.

He couldn’t imagine how lucky he is to encounter her. She even have a connection to that immortal Male God of their department.

Li Jun is very distinguish figure in their department along with his friend Wang Fang. They were already a prominent figure with a business and president of their own company.

Having a connection with them would uplift their standing on the school even professors would have favorable image of anyone who were associated with Li Jun and his friends.

Such an opportunity he will not waste. He needs to know how deeper their relationship is and how he could make it to his advantage. That dumb b*tch is so easy to manipulate.

While Hua Bolin was busy plotting, our poor little bunny was put at a hungry Wolfs mouth. Gu Jiao was bitten to death by her brother.

She could taste the metallic taste of her blood. Her lips hurt her brother is really mercilessly even biting her delicious lips huhu…

Next time she shouldn’t aggravate her brother so much or her lips would be eaten fully.

After Li Jun ease some of his frustration he let Gu Jiao’s lip. Looking at her his heart softened when seeing her swollen fractured lips.

Looking at her eyes looking so wronged and was moisten with unshed tears. He let out a deep sigh.

Gu Jiao: “Brother are you still angry? Jiao’er knew she was wrong… Don’t be mad anymore?” She tried her best to secrete a little water droplet from her tear glands.

Li Jun: “Jiao’er I’ll punish you later after we got home. Let’s go.”

Gu Jiao narrowed her eyes. She was unwilling she already set everything up for Hai Bolin and Lyn Chunhua.

She wants to watch the full fun. She have to think how to coax her brother join her play.

Gu Jiao: “Brother can we play a few more hours with my friends?”

Li Jun was dissatisfied. It was only a few hours when this little bunny was unleash she was already defiant and won’t listen to him.

Li Jun: “Already cause trouble and still unwilling to follow.”

Gu Jiao had a goosebumps listening to the dangerous tone of Li Jun.

She can see she doesn’t have any option but to be honest with him.

She whispered to him her plans and what had already transpired. After a few minutes and Li Jun frowning with a few glinting of lights across his eyes. He look at her and saw and anticipated and excited look.

Li Jun just bump his forehead into hers while hugging her tightly around her waist.

Li Jun didn’t know whether he should be happy or angry.

Happy that she could protect herself and was weary of danger around her.


Angry that she played with fire with a single mistake the price to pay Li Jun couldn’t even imagine.

With her cowardly self, Li Jun look up and close his eyes calming himself.

Looking at her excited self. He doesn’t have the heart to spoil her fun.

He resigned himself to watch what she directed for this evening. And he was already here he better watch how that bastard suffer that tried to harm her or he would hunt him himself.


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