Chapter 120

Gu Jiao agreed to them an ordered the drinks.

When the waiter came in and everyone was looking to the waiters hand with delight anticipation of having to drink expensive alcoholic beverages.

Gu Jiao didn’t forget to swap the drinks Hai Bolin tampered to the woman sitting beside her.

This woman is Lyn Chunhua the very woman Hai Bolin cheated her with. The nerve of this two people really. So Gu Jiao decided that after all they really love each other very much that they cheated her on the previous life and still want to harm her in this life.

Please don’t blame her for not playing along their game really. She was still a good child to let them bloosom their love earlier than there expected.

Everyone enjoyed their self on drinking Gu Jiao would sip on her drink once in a while and when everybody was not looking she was throwing it on the potted plant on her other side.

Hai Bolin made sure Gu Jiao drunk the drink he tampered with. He was satisfied when he saw her drunk it down to the bottom and requested a glass of wine. Hai Bolin was planning to made her drunk while waiting for the drug to kick in. He would enjoy himself later with Gu Jiao ethereal beauty and body.

Gu Jiao excuse herself for a while to make preparation for a room that they could stay in the hotel were the resto bar was located.

At first the group ‘modestly’ decline and told her it was already to much, she already treat them to eat and drink. Gu Jiao just laugh it off as her sincerity as their friend.

When she went out and made preparation she forgot to bring her phone. Which by accident was answered by Hai Bolin. Gu Jiao would regret this mistake later this night.

When Gu Jiao returned to their private room to mingle. She observe that they were already intoxicated and she could see that the drug was already working it’s way to Lyn Chunhua system.

Suddenly a loud bang rang around the room. The door was push open with a rattling sound indicating that the one who open it was in a bad mood.

When the group was ready to reprimand the rude person who disturb them. Their mouth was left hanging.

The person who went in was none other than their Department Male God Li Jun.

Gu Jiao slowly process who was the person in front of her. When it sink in she stood up and quickly drag Li Jun out of the room.

While finding a secluded spot Gu Jiao could feel the killing intent Li Jun was letting out. Gu Jiao could feel was in trouble this time.

For her to forget to call her brother and mischievously cause mischief. Then be caught red handed. Her small pitiful life doomed now.

When they reach a secluded spot on an fire exit staircase. She turned to Li Jun and when she saw his blackened face Gu Jiao knees turned soft.

She don’t know how to coax him like this. It was her first time to see him look so cold and angry…

Gu Jiao: “Brother?” She pitifully called out.

Li Jun was really about to explode he was full of worry when he learned on Wang Fang where she went. Even the people she went in with were unknown.

Li Jun really felt he would turn insane from worrying if she was ever bullied or something happened to her.

There were already a lot of unknown things happening and a certain fact that someone wants to harm them is out there.

Then this sister of him who he loves so dearly decided to be mischievous even invited unknown people to get close to her.

Li Jun couldn’t take it anymore and leaned down and kiss her mercilessly.


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