Chapter 12 Part 2

Demand a Kiss Part 2


But today, Yue Liang has not appeared, did it forgotten? Gu Yi Ning sat at the table, waiting for it to come, waiting and waiting, until she dozed off.

Suddenly, the head drop, Gu Yi Ning woke up from the dream, and the window was still closed, the candlelight was still swaying, but Mo Jian Chen on the bed unexpectedly disappeared! When Gu Yi Ning suddenly fell asleep, he got up and went out to the place where he was sleeping. There was no one at the bed, leaving only a messy rope. Could it be that he left after he woke up? 

Thinking, she suddenly found Yue Liang on the pillow side, it came after all, and I didn’t know when it came in, now it was a well behave regiment, quietly asleep. 

She saw Yue Liang, and the corners of her mouth could not help rising up, and climbed into the bed, and was at ease with her eyes beside it. 

When she woke up, it was already early in the morning. The birds singing loudly outside the window, Gu Yi Ning lazily stretched out and sat up from the bed, unexpectedly found that Yue Liang was still sleeping on her pillow side. 

This is the first time she saw Yue Liang accompany her to sleep until dawn, in the past when she wakes up, the bedside is already empty, but today Yue Liang unexpectedly did not go. She carefully walked of the bed and put on her clothes, as if afraid of waking Yue Liang, and even when the maid came to help her dress of her, she asked Huan’er to try not to make a sound.

After washing, the moon also woke up, Gu Yi Ning lingered at the bedside, as if admiring Yue Liang like a piece of art, and now the cat opened his eyes, the clear eye actually skimmed a trace … Panic?

Before Yue Liang stood up, Gu Yi Ning hugged him up: ” Mo Jian Chen said before that there was no cat on the Eight Wangfu. Today, I will take you to see the Eight Prince, okay?”

“Meow ~” the cat, with its teeth, seemed to be resisting something.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let Mo Jian Chen hurt you.” With that said, Gu Yi Ning held it ready to walk out of Zhi Yuan Pavilion.

Just a few steps away from the Pavilion, she met Li Jun on the front. When he saw the cat that Gu Yi Ning holding on her hand, he can not help but open the eyes with astonishment.

“Good morning, Li Jun, I am leaving!” Gu Yi Ning took the initiative to talk to Li Jun and leave.

“Good morning …” Li Jun squeezed out a smile for Gu Yi Ning, ” What is in the hand of the eight princesses … Cat?”

“Well,” Gu Yi Ning, who seemed to be in a good mood, looked down at Yue Liang in her eyes, reached out and rubbed the hairs on its head, “It’s called Yue Liang.” “

“What does the eight princesses will do with the cat in their arms? ” Li Jun looked curiously at the Gu Yi Ning.

“Mo Jian Chen said there was no cat in the eight Wangfu, and this is not, I will bring Yue Liang to him today for him to see.” “Gu Yi Ning said, her face unconsciously showed a proud smile, it’s like giving Mo Chien a look at her cub. 

“Just in the past, Mo Jian Chen asked me to come to you, but …” Li Jun looked at Gu Yi Ning with some difficulty.

“But what?” Gu Yi Ning’s eyes were full of doubt.

“Jian Chen does not like cats, you still give me the cat, you first go to Ming Xiang Zhai to find him!” Li Jun reach out to take over the cat.

Seeing that Gu Yi Ning is do not want to let go, Li Jun open his mouth again:” Rest assured, I’m not going to do anything to Yue Liang, but you, running around with a cat in your arms, and in case you’re seen by people, you will be talked around by people. “

Li Jun said, then he carefully took Yue Liang from Gu Yi Ning arms: “Go quickly, do not let the Mo Jian Chen wait to long.” “


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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Um, if the prince is one of eight or more princes, shouldn’t he be referred to as Eighth Prince? As in first, second, third… Just wondering…

    1. Yup he was the eight prince… And his palace is eight wangfu but most of the time “eight” was omitted and just call him prince…

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