Chapter 12 Part 1

Demand a Kiss Part 1


Gu Yi Ning had just helped Mo Jian Chen, he leaned heavily on her body, as if all his gravity had been leaned against her. 

 After Li Jun left, Gu Yi Ning then laboriously helped Mo Jian Chen to the bed.  After drunkenness, Mo Jian Chen has a kind of unclear loveliness, a faint blush infected in the usual cold and handsome face, in-addition with the smile like yet not a smile on the thin lips, the eyes that were slightly disoriented.

“Since you are clamoring to come, you will have a good rest here tonight.” Gu Yi  Ning licked her lips, and looked helplessly at Mo Jian Chen, and it seems that today she had to give this big bed to this prince, herself lying on the table to sleep.

 To him, she was still a little at odds. 

  “Gu Yi Ning…” the low voice was leisurely passed into her ear.

She looked up,  at the Mo Jian Chen who is in front of her eyes with confusion. 

The man stretched out a slender finger and gently took a spot by his lips. 

 What does that mean? Gu Yi Ning was in a daze looking at Mo Jian Chen, is there something on her mouth?

Seeing that Gu Yi Ning was slow in responding, Mo Jian Chen then repeated the action.

 “What’s the matter? “Gu Yi Ning asked with concern to Mo-Jian Chen’s face, curious and careful to look at his thin lips, he has a faint smell of wine, if not so close, you can not smell.

  Suddenly, a big warm hand covered the back of her head, a force gently push her forward, before she could reacts, there was a warm feeling on the lips. 

Gu Yi Ning opened her eyes with astonishment. In front of her,  Mo Jian Chen is closing his eyes, and the dense and long eyelashes covered the handsome face. The breath of the tip of the nose pounced straight at her, and there was a hint of wine in the warmth. The itchy feeling of the crisp on his lips made her blood surging up and down in an instant, but the words that had been on her mind were disappearing at the moment.

His kiss is very gentle, like a temptation.

  On one side was his dense and gentle breath; on the other side, it was her breath that was slowly becoming hurried and somewhat panicky. Their breathing staggered together, leaving her a little breathless.

The other big hand slowly climbed up to her waist, and the sudden attack made her sensitively stand up, and her mind seemed to wake up at this second, Gu Yi Ning! what are you doing! ! 

 She pushed out Mo Jian Chen chest away form her. She was still sitting in the bed with a blank head, but the next second, she had jumped out of the bed and found a rope.

 Yes, it’s looking for a rope. Yes, she must tie Mo Jian Chen up and drop him out of bed. Otherwise, who knows what will Mo Jian Chen do, maybe on his drunkenness do something like a beast.

 It took a lot of effort Gu Yi Ning to tie up Mo Jian Chen and drive off the bed. Now he sat by the bed, his pitiful eyes staring straight ahead, silent like a tired child. 

Gu Yi Ning, is sitting at the table, holding the sly look at the front of the Mo Jian Chen, watching him slowly close his eyes, and then sleep quietly. 

The room was quiet, and the candlelight was swaying softly, reflecting the calmly sleeping face of Mo Jian Chen.

Although Gu Yi Ning didn’t know the time, she felt it was very late. At this time of the day, Yue Liang would appear in her pavilion, accompany her, listen to her, and then sleep with her. Yue Liang is mysterious, always appearing in front of her inadvertently, and occasionally comes with a flower, gently placed on her pillow. 

But today, Yue Liang has not appeared, did it forgotten? Gu Yi Ning sat at the table, waiting for it to come, waiting and waiting, until she dozed off.


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