Chapter 119

Well Gu Jiao look at her watch. She saw that it was really don’t have time to play if she didn’t come back her brother would be really mad. But this opportunity to revenge a little is tempting.

Gu Jiao just shrug her shoulder and decided to just coax her brother later.

She smiled sweetly to Hai Bolin.

Gu Jiao: “Alright Senior. I’ll treat you to dinner. You could even invite your friends to join us. This will show my sincere apology to Senior.”

Hai Bolin who was thinking a way to coax this b*tch to let his friend go with them was satisfied when he heard her say this.

This b*tch still know how to be sincere. Then he won’t be polite and will of course accept. Hehe this young lady is easily get fooled he should make use of her thoroughly.

Gu Jiao waited for Hai Bolin’s group on the bench. She was skimming her memory on Hai Bolin’s character. And concluded that a person like Hai Bolin would make use of this gathering to do something to her and use this to threaten her for his own benefits.

Gu Jiao called Wang Fang to ask a favor make a reservation on a bar with an exclusive VIP suite.

She would make sure that Hai Bolin would taste his own medicine after tonight.


Gu Jiao and Hai Bolin along with their company settled in a high end VIP room in an exclusive resto bar.

Hai Bolin was amazed about the interior that shout how expensive this place is. He really hit the jackpot this time. Good thing he still have drugs he could use on this Gu Jiao.

He would drug her then play with her, he’ll make sure to have proof to threaten her reputation. Humhp this rich families couldn’t afford to have scandals. He could manipulate her with this.

Gu Jiao let them order the food. No matter how expensive there order is she just smiled kindly and innocently nodding her head in agreement.

She was acting dumb for them to let their guard down. Her acting skills were enhance during this fast few years thanks to her dear mother Gu Fan as a partner.

Gu Jiao acted dumb and just agreed on to no matter how unreasonable their stories of being geniuses they are. Or how they are kind and friendly that she could approach them anytime.

She just smiled cutely to them. While observing and being cautious on every move Hai Bolin makes she registered it to her mind.

When she saw him get her drinks sneakily while everyone else was trying to distract her. She knows the good show was about to begin.

Hai Bolin returned Gu Jiao’s drink on its former position and waited for her to drink it. He look at his friend who were his accomplice to this and gave them a meaningful look.

Gu Jiao: “Everyone do you want to drink. You don’t have to take my age into consideration you know. You are all my friends. I won’t be offended and would be happy if you enjoy yourself to the fullest.”

Hai Bolin: “Eh. How about you taste a little of this drink sooner or later you would also be permitted to drink some. Why not taste it now. We’ll keep our mouth shut about this don’t worry.”

Gu Jiao was really stupefied this people are really ‘great friend’ would even teach her to do bad things like this. Tsk! Your so bad humph. Good thing she was already over thirty inside still she don’t want to touch this thing.

Gu Jiao though of an idea how she could fool this so called friends of hers.


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