Chapter 118

Hai Bolin this man was her ex boyfriend from her previous life that took advantage of her ignorance.

Gu Jiao help him grow his network of reach people he went with him to gathering of the second rich generation of her age that Guy Fan tried to get her in.

She never knew that this man was just using her to catch a much bigger fish to eat.

After finding that fish he strike for the kill and mercilessly woo that woman to be his backing.

He even didn’t forget to taint her reputation as vicious to other telling them that he was force to be her boyfriend threatening him with her family background.

Sending her to fall from her social circle. When Gu Fan heard her being outcasted on the social circle of the rich second generation heirs and heiress.

Gu Jiao was punish and was beaten black and blue. She won’t ever forget this man.

She know that she told herself to live a peaceful second life and not entangled herself to her former misfortunes and enemies. But she couldn’t help to get revenge specially if they were the one who seek her first.

She could do a little revenge for her suffering right? (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

No one could blame her for being villain right? (n_n”)

Hai Bolin: “Hey. Little lady why did you throw a book to me a while ago. Look you even leave a bump on my forehead?”

Hai Bolin gently said. He already made notice of this young lady after she went in to the library. Assessing her outfit and accessories on her body. He made note that even though her attire look simple her beauty was out of this world. And if not looking closely and if he isn’t aware of the expensive brand he wouldn’t know she come from the rich family.

Hai Bolin followed her to see if he could get close to her and strike some conversation to help him get close to this young lady.

He followed her in a secluded part of the library. He saw an opportunity to approach her. He was really lucky to encounter a young miss of rich family without a companion. He should seize while the opportunity is in front of him.

He never thought that this young lady was rude and violent he wasn’t even able to sit she already throw a book on him.

This dumb b*tch even run away without saying an apology.

Hai Bolin was really in a bad mood after that incident. He just continued on studying for finals and promise himself to catch and discipline that b*tch when he got a hold of her.

Who would have known that the heaven was helping him. Just as he was about to go back to his dorm. She saw that dumb b*tch sitting in the bench looking dumb.

He smiled evil when an evil plan came to his mind. He will make sure this b*tch will pay for what she did a while ago.

Gu Jiao: “Eh… I’m sorry sir you surprise me awhile ago I thought you are a ghost.”

F@ck this b*tch are you cursing me to death and become an evil spirit. Hai Bolin’s lip twitch a little. But he smiled gently and gently said.

Hai Bolin: “I’m sorry to scare you little sister. I just saw you sitting on a corner alone and decided to approach you. I thought you look lonely and need a companion.”

Gu Jiao mouth twitch this young man is really capable he could even take the blame and look like a gentle concerned man to every living creature on Earth.

Gu Jiao decided to play along with him.

Gu Jiao: “Senior really sorry. My fault I’m easily scared and was just looking around here. Thank you for Seniors concern.”

Hai Bolin: ” No worries. But if you want to really apologize to this Senior brother why don’t you repay this Senior brother a dinner.”

Gu Jiao was really amaze to this man thick face. Hai Bolin really didn’t let her down with his greediness. She could even bet that if she agree with this dinner he would call his scumbag of friends to leech an expensive dinner from her.


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