Chapter 116

Gu Jiao had already journeyed about two buildings.

The first being the Department of Arts with lots of weird people that use to express their thoughts through the staff… Although she don’t judge people and their artwork but seeing those weird looking arts where she can’t make an end and beginning nor most of them makes her dizzy that she can’t even understand.

Second was the Department of Engineering where she got scared out of her wits because most of the student that she saw were either mostly male in gender or students that have to much bags under their eyes that they almost look like a zombie. Just thinking about her being like that if she will ever decide to go there to study give a shuddering chill on her spine.

She didn’t relive her second life to torture herself again in studying to death… So the first two department were a big no no for her.

While making her way to Department of Business Administration to take a look and maybe find something useful there after the hard battle on the two department, she saw a small building on the corner of her eye. She turned to take a second look. She was somehow surprised because this building is somehow secluded and small compared to other departments. It has only four floor level unlike the other departments that reach up to 8 levels.

She read the sign outside for which department it was intended for.

When she read Department of Language Studies she got curious and wanted to take a look.

While making her way there she was a little puzzled she was skimming her memory if there is some information about that department oddly she can’t find anything. Is she that ignorant to things that even the building of Department of Language she doesn’t have any impression of.

Gu Jiao just shrug her shoulder and went inside making her way to the bulletin board of the department to get some information.

She was surprised after going inside there are only few students there unlike other departments where in was bustling of many people here.

It was peaceful and you could only here few people whispering to each other as they talk.

She went to the faculty to get some information and what do they do in this department and other curriculum she needs.

After that, Gu Jiao decided to rest on a bench her energy was now drained out of her body.

Department of Language is also a no no. After she went in at the faculty to ask information. A shiver of fear run to her body.

When she open the door and went in, she felt that so many eyes are looking at there when she look up. She saw all the professor looking at her intently with her, she felt embarrassed at first and maybe disturb them to their work she now in apology then made her way to the faculty secretary with her head down to ask for the things she need.

When she look up and ask the things she need, the secretary at the table was just looking at her dumbfounded.

When she ask for the curriculum the daze looking secretary ask her for what purpose.

She honestly answered for information on choosing her courses next school year.

The daze looking secretary eyes twinkled like the star with new found hope.

She turned and look at the professors at her back.

Secretary: “Heaven’s didn’t forsake us professors! There is someone inquiring! A goddess has arrive! Maybe we could be save!”

Gu  Jiao was startled when the secretary shout and started bawling like crazy.

When she the information came across to the listener all the professors stood up and make a beeline to her.

Gu Jiao was dazedly looking on what’s happening in front of her all the professors are like prisoner’s in their death sentence that was pardoned while looking at her!

A full bloom shiver of fear run to her body from head to toe. She don’t like how do they look on her. Mama-mia Department of Language is the most scary place on campus! (ΟΔΟ;;)


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