Chapter 115

When Gu Jiao look up, she was startled as if seeing a ghost from her past that she doesn’t want to do anything about.

She blink a few times that maybe the ghost in front of her is by any means a hallucinations that her mind created because of too much thinking.

Maybe because she was forcing herself to much to remember everything regarding the past that why a ghost was hunting her.

As to make sure, Gu Jiao slowly lift her hand and got a book that was innocently lying in front of her. Then suddenly there was a loud sound and a painful grunt coming in front of her.


“Hmmmm…” a painful grunt.

Gu Jiao blink innocently then look at her hand. She tilt her head on the side to process what was happening…

Looking in front where a man was painfully grunting on his chair while holding his head.

Gu Jiao was dumbfounded, the ghost in front of her was a real person? (●Ω●;)

Should she say sorry for throwing the book at him? But this bad spirit in front of her is a scumbag in her former life and is still a scumbag in her eyes in this lifetime.

She felt good seeing him withering in pain in front of her. Somehow it was a form of revenge, for her former self. Maybe she should throw another book at him? ▼ω▼

While Gu Jiao was musing with her thought a loud of someone hitting the table in front of her woke her up.

Gu Jiao suddenly realized that she made a huge blunder. She messed up. Hitting someone who she was supposedly ‘met’ for the first time. Way to go Jiao’er.

But seeing the person in front of her made her blood boil for revenge. Such an unlucky day to meet an enemy, really what a narrow fate they have.

Before the person in front of her could made any further move, Gu Jiao immediately stood up and turned to go.

She quicken her pace as if someone is chasing her to her death.

When she made her way out of the library she breath a sigh of relief. Really you and your enemy really have a narrow road to be able to encounter each other.

Gu Jiao look back to see if that man followed her. When she saw no one on her tail, she shake her head to dispel unwanted memories regarding that man.

She don’t want to waste her time and energy recalling any memories about that scumbag. And she was here not to find her enemy and waste energy.

Gu Jiao made a few deep breath and continued her musing regarding her future plans.

She decided to visit every department to research on the course that will catch her interest.

She made her way inside the building that was near her. When she made it at the front of the building and read its signage which said Department of Arts.

Gu Jiao made a face. (゚⊿゚)

Like seriously why would she go here, all she knows about drawing were her stick man figures. Her lips was twitching but she just shrug her shoulders and went inside for exploration after all it was still to early and she have a lot of time to explore like dora. ( ̄︶ ̄;)

Just thinking about not having any chaperone to guard and follow her. A mischievous smile showed on her lips.



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