Chapter 114

Gu Jiao jump out from her position and just decided to continue her quest. Sitting here would do her no her good, remembering her previous life memories would give her internal injury.

To dispel her nostalgia, Gu Jiao jog to the campus to explore. 。。゛(ノ><)ノ

Promising her self that in this life when she would enter here as a college student she will remain low key. Never to attract drama and trouble.

Gu Jiao thought that this kind of life so far was what she wants and wants to retain. Living simply where she doesn’t need to fight for other favor, exhaust her brain in scheming and trying to please that mother of hers.

And maybe she could also find a real friend that would support her through thick and thin. She’ll live her life like any normal student that have there ups and down.

And there have been bonus this time lots of bonus but her favorite was having her older brothers favor and care. Her golden thigh was the best at spoiling her after all… 。^‿^。

Gu Jiao was dazedly looking around, watching the students walking around her.

After a few minutes of aimlessly walking around Gu Jiao decided to visit her most favorite hang out place from her previous life. She made her way to the library building.

She mostly spend her time in this library to find some peace of mind.

Gu Jiao went to the furthest self at the back and sat on the chair near a window. Only few people goes in her area were she was sitting.

The place was really secluded and only those who wants to read leisure books about romance fiction or novel would go in this area to find books. Students in colleges really doesn’t have the leisure to do so because of the fast pace of their studies.

Gu Jiao discover this place accidentally when she was having a messy argument with her dorm mates because of her pettiness and arrogance.

Gu Jiao look outside the window and observe the field within her sight. She saw lots of students mingling on the campus and thought that her life next school year would be as busy as them. She have to take her studies seriously if she wants her future to be as smooth sailing as she have right now.

Gu Jiao thought that she can’t let herself be dependent to her golden thigh all the time because she knows Li Jun would sooner rather than later fly as high as the sky to achieve success not all the time he would be there for her.

And she doesn’t want to be a burden to Li Jun and her father like the last lifetime where she made a mess and scandals that brought them shame and humiliation.

Gu Jiao wants to let her father and Li Jun not to worry too much about her.

If she remembers correctly when Li Jun reach his 20th birthday, although she doesn’t really have any clue want happen to him. She remembers that Li Jun went to study aboard and didn’t form any contact with the Li Family.

It was a great time for Gu Fan who was flying happily all the time because she thought that Li Jun was gone to her life for good.

Gu Jiao frowned she was trying to remember everything but her memories are blurry only the big events remain for her to remember. She can’t remember why Li Jun would go away suddenly and why he didn’t form any contact with any of the Li Family specially Li Cheng.

And why Li Cheng was not in any worry about Li Jun’s disappearance that time.

Gu Jiao felt that she was forgetting something important. Her head was starting to ache because she was thinking to deeply about what transpired that time.

Her chain of thought were broken when she felt someone sits across her.


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