Chapter 113

Gu Jiao firmly decided that all her money would go to either building business or buying the thing she wants and eat the food she craves and of course on the bank for saving.

She will love her self and would appreciate father Li’s teaching not to become spendthrift.

Gu Jiao line up to get a ticket at the counter. Then boarded the train, while inside, she missed this kind of life being a regular commuter she thought. In this lifetime, after waking up she was always commuting with their family car or with Li Jun’s private car.

Now she felt riding the public train is not so bad like she thought in the previous life where every time she commute publicly she would disdain it and would compare herself to Li Jun’s luxury transportation. Which now know that it was Li Jun’s own hard-work.

Gu Jiao thought that having a different outlook really was giving her a different perspective on what was her life before. Now that she have the capacity to hire a taxi have come to know how to enjoy the public transit the irony of it. She just wasted her life before in being full of envy and misunderstanding always comparing herself to others such a waste of energy and time. (; ̄д ̄)

While observing the people inside the cabin Gu Jiao was able to distinguish people of different kind. She saw students that would talk huskily trying to not disturb their surroundings or workers that restlessly looking at their watch or old people sitting looking around.

It was interesting watching the people  with their everyday like.

Gu Jiao reach her destination, she went to the university campus to look around. She decided to come here to decide what course she would take next year. Previously she took business management like Li Jun for competing and managing the family business. But in this life she promise herself she wouldn’t do that and would take the course that she really likes, she won’t follow Gu Fans ‘advice’ on choosing the path for her education, she will choose the best coarse that suits her and her laziness.

She was still undecided what her course would be. Now that she decided to pursue what she really wants she will give her utmost consideration on thinking about it.

Going here in the university could give her some clues on what’s to take.

Gu Jiao saw the majestic the majestic building of B University from a far. Somehow it brought her a nostalgic feeling coming here.

For her it was already a few years since she graduated here. There were a lot of vague memories rushing in on her head.

Most of them were bittersweet of her last year of adolescence transitioning to adulthood. Most of her memories here are her being mocked or being insulted.

She don’t know why does she attract troubles so much before. Gu Jiao stop on a bench and sat down for a while contemplating what was she doing before that attracted so much trouble in her way.

She decided to reflect on her action. Investigating on her mind her actions before, maybe it was really her fault that attracted many bees to sting her.(╭ರ_⊙)

Suddenly, she let out a cough of blood on her mind. She was embarrassed to remember those situation where, she most of the time slap her own face. Yikes! No.. No… No… She don’t want to remember anymore.

She wants to dig a hole now. Thinking too deeply brought her to her own grave. (ㄒoㄒ)

Well, the result of her deep self evaluation was her remembering her arrogant, narcissistic, and rude behavior. D@mn what was she thinking that time causing trouble here and there… She was soooo ashamed of her former self (つ﹏<。).

What a snotty brat she was. Tsk! If she was not kicked out of Li Family on the previous life and learned the hardship and humble life of common people. Her being a brat would still cause her to self distract.

Being a rich second generation young lady that wasn’t really favored at home, still has the audacity to be arrogant and find trouble to others would bring calamity to their own-self.

Gu Jiao brow twitch continuously, she was angry to her former self for being to blind by wealth. Gu Fan really did rub to her too much.


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