Chapter 112

Gu Jiao reach the subway station. She was knew to this kind of transportation previously because she wasn’t really cared for she was living in Gu Fan’s mercy where her allowance although enough for a rich young lady would still be gone because Gu Fan would require her to by beauty product and branded clothes, all of that would be coming from her own pocket money that Li Cheng would give.

Gu Jiao realize that Li Cheng from the previous life and her father in the present would year just give her a limited allowance. Li Cheng was not biased with any of his children even Li Jun would only be given an allowance that was enough for a rich teenage boy that was not a spendthrift.

Gu Jiao didn’t know that Li Cheng is like that, she just become aware of it when Li Jun would receive a check from Li Cheng and would give it to her. At first she was not aware that it was Li Jun allowance. But when she become curious about the check and ask.

Li Jun honestly answered her that it was his allowance Li Cheng gave. She was surprised that Li Jun would receive allowance with a limited amount like her, she thought that Li Jun received an hefty one than her and have an unlimited access to his credit card which Li Cheng got for him.

Gu Jiao learned that she was wrong all along with her enviousness in the previous life. Li Jun explained to her that Li Cheng was teaching them not to become wasteful and not to become to frugal that is why the reason of the limited allowance.

Gu Jiao was speechless to her father and was also speechless to her previous life misunderstanding. She sighed deeply just thinking how she wronged her father in the previous life.

She also learned that Li Jun’s unlimited access to credits card where his own set up account with his businesses. He never really used the one Li Cheng gave him and after he build his fortune.

Li Jun at first wants to not accept those allowance anymore and decide to return the cards to Li Cheng but father Li vehemently disagree. Li Jun said that father Li gave a condition that when Li Jun reach a certain amount of net-worth which is 50% of the Li Family or reach the age of 25. That’s the only time Li Cheng would stop supplying him financially.

Gu Jiao was dumbfounded about this never knew that her father was a very dedicated parents even though Li Jun earns money he still uphold his responsibility in providing them. Gu Jiao was touch when she learned her father not biased in raising them.

Li Jun just gave the allowances to Gu Jiao and built her knew line of cards to spend with. Gu Jiao was in dazed when her brother did that she never ask her brother new lines of cards with sky high limit spending. She just ask how he have that kind of cards to clarify.

Li Jun thought that Gu Jiao’s credit card limit weren’t enough for her and was scared that his sister would have problems with money. Li Jun knew that Li Cheng have a strict rule with allowance in fear of them being wastefully. Hence, Gu Jiao having a the an new line of credit cards with a sky high limit and double allowance value.

But Gu Jiao learned to be frugal in the previous life. Because her spending money was too much with the beauty product and branded clothes Gu Fan required for her to buy.

For her to survive she frugally save money, learned to commute live in the campus university dormitory with a three despicable roommates. She bought her necessity to discounted price that those three despicable roommate on hers mock. Mocking her for being so poor that she could only buy lunch in the canteen with coupon-ed free drinks.

She endures their jeers and insult to her and saved her money for when Gu Fan required her to buy expensive clothes she would be able to buy it and be proud of her. All her efforts where gone for nothing. Gu Fan never appreciate her efforts at all.

Gu Jiao shakes her head to dispel those unwanted memories. She never really know how her former self was so blind and unkind to herself.


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