Chapter 111

During the day after Gu Jiao decided to play around the city.

After eating in the restaurant near the apartment building where her uncle Lee lives.

Gu Jiao decided to take a look at the university where she would be studying.

B University is the national university in the country. It was an elite university known for its honor and excellence. Being an student in the this school means having the highest chance on obtaining a better position for a job on your field.

Gu Jiao navigated through her memory in the previous life. While walking going through the streets to reach the subway station.

Gu Jiao didn’t notice the people she passes on the street would stop and gave her a glance. Even though she was sixteen right now her youthful beauty is full of life and refreshing. People around her can’t help but be captivated by her charm and beauty.

In her previous life although Gu Jiao has the same face and beauty, her eyes were dull and lifeless. She was fearful of her action and was timid that’s why despite her beauty people don’t give her second glance nor linger to look at her.

Gu Jiao didn’t noticed this changes in this lifetime. Because she discarded that dullness and that timid look.

When she decided to live this life a new, she didn’t noticed her changes with her appearance when she look at the mirror every morning for Gu Jiao it was still the same face she has in the previous life and nothing changes.

Never did she observe the little changes she had made.

Gu Jiao in this life is a teenager full of life. Her skin is flawless from meticulous care snowy and smooth like a snow. Unlike before where it was dry and pale.

Her cheeks has a rosy blush that could attack bees and butterfly like a flower. Her cute little pointy nose compliments her face. Her delicious thin rosy soft lips that would tempt Li Jun to loose his inhuman control.

And the last is her eyes which is full of life. Twinkling like a star doe-like which is large, soft with its light brown in color.

Gu Jiao huge, expressive doe eyes are considered the most attractive trait in her. It gives off her innocent and vulnerable look that could attract the protective instinct to everyone near her.

Gu Jiao in the previous life was forced to care more her beauty that could attract potential ally for her mother. Gue Fan makes sure to use her in her favorable advantage. Sometimes Gu Jiao also feels that she was being sold off when her mother has to deal business partner with her around where the person would look at her in  meaningfully.

Others would openly look are her lustfully, with her revealing outfit that Gu Fan force her to wear for their advantage, sometimes she would just cringe in disgust and would want to puke. But Gu Fan would look at her sternly and to stay and bear with it.

Even though she wasn’t really sold off physically Gu Jiao still felt her soul was sold to those people, she was mentally scarred. That’s why despite her beauty, she would look boring and dull. Gu Jiao decided that never again would she subject herself on that kind of humiliation. She was no prostitute where she had to sell her body physically and mentally. That mental torture was enough to make her awake in the night and torture her mind in fear of being sold completely to the highest bidder that Gu Fan could get.

Gu Jiao beauty was more enhance in this life. She bloom like a flower that was in full bloom and was colorful that when people look at her couldn’t help themselves but be attracted from young to old, male and female would give her admiration to her beauty and be attracted to her adorableness.

Gu Jiao didn’t that when she was walking the people would look at her. Gu Jiao right now doesn’t give a really care what people think of her beauty. She didn’t even realize the changes from her previous life to her present life, her look was 100 times better right now.


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