Chapter 110

Li Cheng prepared his self for a counter attack: “He stormed that way because Gu Jiao….”

Li Cheng cut his sentence and also leaned closer. The two old imbecile also leaned closer ready to receive the most important gossip of all time.

Li Cheng slowly said every word on the two people leaning closer every word he said:” Didn’t…. Send…”

The two thirsty foxes nodded their head as if saying ‘alright we heard you’…

So Li Cheng said the inevitable: “He didn’t receive any message from Jiao’er maybe he panic and went out to check on our little naughty princess.”

Long Jie: “…….”

Marshal Feng: “……”

Li Cheng had the satisfactions when the two old foxes in front of him was left in a disbelieving face.

Marshal Feng:” That’s it?”

Prime Minister Jie:” Where’s the exciting part where Li Jun learned Jiao’er has a boyfriend? “

Li Cheng narrowed his eyes, what boyfriend? He click his tongue, this old foxes sure has a wild imagination. And if that’s really the case God’s knows what will Li Jun do to that poor boy. Cause I know for sure I’ll break his body parts That will touch my daughter.

Li Cheng just shrug his shoulder.

Marshal Feng: “So Li Jun was to the point of no return poor boy. Can’t even enjoy his youth already falling in a pit of madness. Imagine him learning if ever Jiao’er having a boyfriend.”

Long Jie: “Well. We’ll just clean up the rumbles if that ever happens.” said so jokingly while laughing. He never knew that this words will come very soon.

Long Jie: “Oh before I forgot. I got a gift for Li Jun. Even though I don’t know if he’ll ever agree to do this but non the less I already prepared it.”

Long Jie full a folder and gave it to Li Cheng.

Li Cheng peek what was inside it. When he read what was it all about. He gave his head a shake and sighed.

Li Cheng:” I doubt Li Jun will accept this.”

Long Jie just gave a shrug:” Just show it to him and let him decide. It will be on him.”

Li Cheng just shrug again.

Marshal Feng was tick off on their shrugging session: “Alright, brothers why don’t we just play cards. It’s been awhile since we got together. You two shrugging feels like Li Jun was a hopeless lunatic.”

The two just nodded in agreement in all Marshal Feng’s words, even the lunatic part was agreed.

Marshal Feng seeing the two nonchalant man in front of him, sigh. This two really are like woman wives who create gossip out of the two children, those poor child was even stalk by this two old foxes for their fun.

Hump! Let’s see when the time comes and trouble was in front of them, letting those two child do what they want and not limiting them or restraining their action. If bridge was accidentally cross or rice was cooked suddenly let’s see if you could still have those nonchalant face. Hehe…

Marshal Feng was lamenting on his heart.

The three ate their dinner and continued on their reunion playing cards with ridiculously high stake on the game.

Long Jie won in the end. And his hard earned wager is to meet  Gu Jiao in person as soon as possible.

This event was supposedly an important day for Li Jun. But because of the circumstance regarding Gu Jiao he was not able to meet those people he should, unlike in the last lifetime where he met Long Jie after the meeting.

Gu Jiao who was oblivious of her participation on this supposedly life changing event for Li Jun, our poor heroine was now in a state of shock right in front of the evil smiling Li Jun.

Gu Jiao felt a shiver on her back with that exotic smile exhibited on Li Jun’s lips. She could feel a foreboding is coming along her way.


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