Chapter 11



Li Jun’s action came so fast that left Gu Jiao dumbfounded and in daze…


‘Wha…. What just happen? Did my big brother, my golden thigh also male god. Did you just pet my head?’

The two started a staring contest. The one with a dumbfounded look and the other with watching a squirrel look.

You’re looking at me!

I’ve been staring at you.

Exuding tenderness and love……

Li Jun had the ability to not blink, his eyelids did not even twitch at all, his gaze was dark, and deep as an abyss. Gu Jiao was defeated after looking at him for a few seconds, she blinked her eyes and just asked to make sure it happen:”Brother~you… you…”  

The surprise look on Gu Jiao’s face is very visible that Li Jun find it adorable. With Gu Jiao’s stare Li Jun’s  heart felt like it was being scratched by a little claw, very itchy, somehow his loneliness dispersed from his person:”Let’s go.” 


Then Li Jun started to walk, Gu Jiao followed behind him. 

Along the way Li Jun felt that the person following him was not in his proximity anymore. When he look back he saw GU Jiao trotting with her small legs like a penguin. Li Jun’s mouth is twitching , what a small little legs. So Li Jun stopped for Gu Jiao to catch up. Gu JIao’s short little legs walked very slowly, Li Jun have to stopped every other step. Finally, Li Jun decided to just pull her light little hands, and slow down his steps. 

Li Jun did not let go even after entering the car, Gu Jiao did not mention the relish in her heart either, showing brotherly love and respect is wonderful! Big Brother so gentlemanly!

I give Thumbs Up  d(゚ー゚@) ~\\(≧▽≦)/~La la la

Gu Jiao fell asleep on the boring trip, and Li Jun just watch her sleep…

‘So innocent looking face, so trustful  she wouldn’t know even if she had been sold, little sister is so foolish and naive, he needs to keep an eye on her.

 Li Jun had fixed Gu Jiao posture to make her more comfortable, watching this angelic face, suddenly Li Jun had an impulse struck his heart……really want to……give her a pat……

  If Gu Jiao knew how Li Jun thought would she vomit blood.

 Thump~ Thump~ Thump……

Li Jun’s heart was beating very fast, the more he thought about wanting to do something, the more he could not suppress it, how strange, his chest was feeling extremely hot, as if something was going to come out!

No good.?

My self-control is getting worse and worse! Should Pat her… [Author: that’s soooo pedophile? but you both are under age so guess it’s fine? (゜。゜)]

Li Jun could not resist giving Gu Jiao’s pale and unblemished little face a touch, it was very soft and tender, her hair was silky, just as he liked it. Petting her really calm him down, this was a surprise discovery on Li Jun. 

 When Gu Jiao woke up, her body was resting on the rear seat with his head on Li Jun’s thigh……Oh god! It was so shocking her spirit had flown away, there was a suspicious wet stain on his brother’s deep coloured suit pants, could it be? (‘・×・`)


I’ve already sat up, isn’t that quite obvious? Gu Jiao felt extremely guilty as she gave an awkward cute smile:”I slept very well, big brother……does your leg not hurt?”

“It’s numb.”

‘Eh?… Brother shouldn’t you be an immortal? why are you showing a weakness?!’ Σ(꒪ȏ꒪)

 Gu Jiao’s was curious out of curiosity  she simply stretched a hand out and tried to give it a few poke before looking up,  heart was beating like drums she was nervous. Li Jun’s eyes were narrowed and he doesn’t seem to be in a bad mood, it’s effective, then she’ll have to use this chance well.

“Brother do you want me to massage your legs?”


  ‘Eh?… Brother agreed shouldn’t you be the cold and aloof unapproachable big brother?! So mysterious!’ Σ(꒪ȏ꒪) 

Despite Gu Jiao doubt she squatted down and gently tapped for several minutes then slowly massage Li Juns’ legs with her small hands.

‘Big brothers legs are so long and firm! wow… ԅ(¯﹃¯ԅ)’

Li Jun felt comfortable, but thought the little one should be tired by now right? And so instead of just feeling good about it he took the initiative and held his sister’s little hand to give it a rub.  

“Brother?”Shocked. Σ(゚Д゚)

“It’s fine already. “


‘ Then please let my hands go! Why are you still rubbing!’ (⋟﹏⋞)


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