Chapter 11 Part 2

 Drunk Part 2


After the vase landed on the ground, the crisp cracking sound made the Gu Yi Ning suddenly stiff in place, finished … Breaking in the Ming Xian Zhai without permission, but also broke the eight Prince’s vase …

Gu Yi Ning timidly turned around, trying to squeeze out an awkward and impolite smile looking at the Mo Jian Chen in front of her: “I just came to visit …”

In front of the Mo Jian Chen, who was like an iceberg, the narrowed eyes are full of disbelief, who is she? What’s the attempt to come here?

“Visit “The air sounded leisurely after a dead silence, and the cold voice of Mo Jian Chen was fascinated.”

“If there is half a lie, I will be struck by the Thunder!” Gu Yi Ning carried her hand and made a swearing gesture.

“Don’t have to be struck by thunder.” Mo Jian Chen looked at Gu Yi Ning calmly, and did not seem to have half a silk of anger, but in Gu Yi Ning’s view, this was the calm before the storm.

“You copy 50 times the family precepts.”Mo Jian Chen said quietly.

Although Mo Jian Chen became accustomed to Gu Yi Ning’s usual careless informal appearance, but sometimes still have to be corrected, otherwise the eight Wangfu will be turned upside down one day.

The eight princesses still have to look like a princess.

Gu Yi Ning, timidly, stretched out her little hands and opened it: “10 times, okay?” “

“That’s 60 times.” Mo Jian Chen mercilessly added Gi Yi Ning’s 10 times, breaking the vase and saying nothing. Still bargaining with him now?

“No, no, no! Fifty times! All right! Fifty times! Not much more can be copied.” Gu Yi Ning forced a stiff smile out of her delicate face. This time, she can really understand what it means to be “smile on her mouth, mmp in her heart.”

[smile on her mouth, mmp in her heart – so angry, want to swear words, but the face still has a sly and polite smile.]

After copying fifty times of family precepts, it is already night. Yes, that is, at night, who would expected that the family precepts of the Eight Prince House to be so stinky long, and that Gu Yi Ning while copying and deserting, and then copy it to the evening. 

As soon as she reached half, a hasty knock on the door frightened her into suddenly retracting the unfinished slouching posture. 

Gu Yi Ning walked to the door with impatience, which guy is so disappointing? 

Listlessly opened the door, but found out that the at the door is actually Li Jun, Li Jun was carrying not someone else but the prince , It was the eight prince who asked her to copy 50 times the family precepts this morning.

The good guy stood in front of her with a booze, and the original clear and deep eyes are now full of drunkenness. 

“Eight Princess, you finally opened the door!” Li Jun looked at Gu Yi Ning, just like watching a savior. 

“What’s wrong with him?” Gu Yi Ning looked puzzled at the Eight Prince in front of her. 

“Jian Chen drunk, determined to come Zhi Yuan Pavilion.” Li Jun truthfully report it, and handed Mo Jian Chen to Gu Yi Ning,” right, take good care of Jian Chen, if he launched to drink wine again that would be terrible. “

Yes, really terrible, Mo Jian Chen rarely drink, and was rarely drunk, the last time he got drunk and rushed straight to the room, woke up the dreaming Li Jun, but also pulled him off the bed, a long-awaited cat meow at him for a night.

No one would have thought that Yun Xiang Qi would suddenly be clamoring tonight to invite Mo Jian Chen to a drink with her, obviously saying that it was a drink, but he gave a strong drink to Mo Jian Chen, fortunately, he left her at once when there was a hint of intoxication, and happened to meet Li Jun on the road, coincidentally.

When he saw that he was drunk, he immediately went up and helped him: “Why did you drink again? ” Li Jun frowned. This look like a headache.

“Well, Yun Xiang Qi invited the king to go to her to have a drink.” Mo Jian Chen took advantage of the shoulders of L Jun, and the alcohol slowly played a role. 

“I’ll send you back to Ming Xian Zhai.” Li Jun is holding Mo Jian Chen and was ready to go back.

“Don’t go there.” Mo Jian Chen waved his hand and turned around in the opposite direction. 

“Where to go? ” Li Jun looked at him in confusion at Mo Jian Chen, and his cheeks were reddish under the moonlight, and there was a kind of cuteness that could not be said. 

“Go to the master.” Mo Jian Chan drunkenly said.

“Master?” Li Jun was stunned, he looked at Mo Jian Chen’s face, “Gu Yi Ning?”

“Zhi Yuan Pavilion.” “

“Zhi Yuan Pavilion???!” Jun looked at him with surprise, and his chin almost fell on to the ground. 

“I agreed with my master that I would go to her, sleep with her every night.” Mo Jian Chen truthfully report to Li Jun, and looked like a child in a sincere manner.


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