Chapter 11 Part 1

 Drunk Part 1


As soon as the two returned to the Wang Fu, Yun Xiang Qi ran out to greet him. The girl went straight Mo Jian Chen, pulling the corner of his clothes and began to chatter, as if she had not seen him for several years: “Wang Ye! ~ You can finally came back. In the past few days, Wang Ye did not come to Xiang Qi to play, Xiang Qi was bored to death!” 

“The King is very busy these days, and so free to come down and play with you.” Mo Jian Chen smiled politely and then walked past Yun Xiang Qi.

 A number of official responses, let Gu Yi Ning laugh. 

“Gu Yi Ning, what are you doing in a daze? Come on.” Mo Jian Chen’s voice came from the front.

Guyi looked at Mo Jian Chen’s back, and looked at the eyes of the Yun Xiang Qi, unexpectedly found Yun Xiang Qi was also looking at her, The eyes made her unable to tell whether it was anger or jealousy.  How humble love is, clearly know that he does not love her, but also to treat themselves like this, again and again appear in front of him, to get only a word of indifference.

She trotting all the way to keep up with Mo Jian Chen, who looked at him, looking at his cool face, think of just Yun Xiang Qi that petulant appearance, can not help but snicker a bit. 

 “What are you laughing at?” Mo Jian Chen’s voice made Gu Yi Ning suddenly put on a smile. 

“Nothing… just think of Yun Xiang Qi…” Gu Yi Ning remembered the petulant look of Yun Xiang Qi pulling in front of Mo Jian Chen, it was so fascinating, really pathetic and funny. 

“What’s wrong with her? Mo Jian Chen looked at the Gu Yi Ning in doubt.

Do not know which rib is wrong, Gu Yi Ning small hand suddenly pulled the corner of Mo Jian Chen’s clothes, this let Mo Jian Chen steps came to halt, turning sideways, and looked at Gu Yi Ning doubtfully, what’s the matter with this girl?

He did not expect Gu Yi Ning to copy the appearance of Yun Xiang Qi looking at Mo Chien Chen, “Wang Ye ~ You finally came back. In the past few days, Wang Ye did not come to Xiang Qi to play, Xiang Qi was bored to death!” “She deliberately used a fine tone of sound, imitating Yun Xiang Qi’s action to Mo Jian Chen and giving a delicate look.

 Mo Jian Chen, can not help but smile, the corners of the mouth slightly a hook, narrowed eyes skimmed a hint of evil charm, slowly bent down and leaned into the ear of Gu Yi Ning: “If you feel bored, then This Prince will come to play with you tonight, how?”

Gu Yi Ning’s heart was distracted, then immediately relentlessly said in a muddled headed state to Mo Jian Chen’s face: “There is no time to play with you!” “

Strange to say, in the next In a few days, Mo Jian Chen did not find Gu Yi Ning in the evening, replaced by the beautiful cat, the cat is very spiritual, every night will appear in her room on time, with her to sleep, in  the early morning, it would sneaked out of the room. 

In these days, Gu Yi Ning seems to have added a pet. She also gave it a name called him Yue Liang. And nagging the cat every night like a psychopath, telling the cat what she had done all day. 

[Yue Liang – the moon]

Early in the morning, Gu Yi Ning lazily walked in the garden, the early spring of the eight royal palace can be said to be extremely beautiful, the flowers budding everywhere, and there was a clear sound of birdsong in her ears. 

But how to say, she did not belong to this unfounded era after all, she began to miss home, miss Mo Cheng Hao.

 Unconsciously, Gu Yi Ning came to Ming Xian Zhai, the layout of the house aroused her curiosity, although this is the territory of the prince, but she wants to go in to take a look, shouldn’t she?

Gu Yi Ning quietly stepped into Ming Xian Zhai, the antique room, and there are many good-looking bottles and jars on the shelf. This is probably the legendary fine porcelain. Gu Yi Ning sighed softly, and couldn’t help but stretch out her little hand and ready to touch it. 

“What are you doing here?” Gu Yi Ning’s little hand just touched the vase, she was startled by the voice of Mo Jian Chen. The little hands jerked, and shove way the vase from the shelf.”

After the vase landed on the ground, the crisp cracking sound made the Gu Yi Ning suddenly stiff in place, finished … Breaking in the Ming Xian Zhai without permission, but also broke the eight Prince’s vase …


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