Chapter 109

… Li Cheng just sigh. After Long Jie became a Prime Minister somehow his temperament change in how should he say it?

He was like an emperor ruling a land that was above the masses. He even had this pressured feeling beside this brother of his. But maybe it was just his illusion Long Jie was still his sworn brother after all.

Li Cheng thought that no matter how high a person has achieve, a real man of success won’t forget the people important to him.

Li Cheng let out a smile and said to Long Jie: “Alright, Brother Jie.”

Long Jie: “So, Brother Cheng I’m also quite curious why Li Jun just dash out like that during the meeting?” keeping the smile but not a smile face.

Li Cheng stiffened on his sit somehow he felt that he was just led by the nose, seriously can’t they leave it as Li Jun having an emergency call why ask him the details.

Li Cheng look at around seeing the pair of curious eyes looking at him with twinkling star brimming with curiosity, he doesn’t know whether he should to laugh or to cry.

These two old foxes are so old why are they exhibiting an images of teenage girl that loves to gossip with their matching twikling eyes full of stars. Li Cheng shudder in disgust with his mental images for the two middle men in front of him. He wants to cough blood.

Long Jie who was impatient with the gossip could help but mutter a word: “So?”

Li Cheng cough before answering in an awkward manner: “Cough, You old imbecile why are you so gossipy are you two teenagers that lacks life so you wants to gossip the younger generations life?”

Long Jie was not angry to be called imbecile, he even chuckled lowly and answered: “So what if we’re teenager that loves to gossip, tell me aren’t you gossip lover yourself you even hired the neighbor below and above Li Jun’s pad so you could ‘monitor’ the two during the weekend everytime your daughter will visit Li Jun.”

Li Cheng blood rush over his face. D@mn it he was so old to blush but this d@mn Long Jie is really quite something, he even emphasize his reason in keeping an eye.

The Marshal who was keeping silent just a moment ago decided to join his two sworn brothers in their tirade: “Brother Jie who’s pot calling the kettle black. Aren’t you just the same as him to be able to know ‘important’ information you track Brothers Cheng phone to know his transaction.”

Li Cheng was dumbfounded, so that’s it this man mess his phone that’s why he knows his secret. 

Long Jie click his tongue to the Marshal beside him who just sold him out. He was not angry he was even enjoying Li Cheng murdering gaze that was looking at him. Really teasing this young brother of his is truly entertaining haha… Even though he is already old and is turning around 50 Li Cheng expression when infuriated was still a behold to watch.

Li Cheng who felt that Long Jie was enjoying his expression, schooled his face and returned his business like face.

Long Jie saw the sudden realization and expressionless face of Li Cheng click his tongue again: “Your a spoil sport Brother Cheng.”

An angry mark was clearly visible on Li Cheng forehead. He wants to smack this Brother of his.

Marshal broke their banter and said: “So Brother Cheng can now continue to say why Li Jun went out like that.”

Li Cheng wants to vomit blood really he never knew his Brother Feng is also a paparazzi. With a face that stayed expressionless the whole day to say those gossiping word without blinking an eye and he didn’t even feel embarrassed.

Li Cheng sighed for the hundredth time today and just helplessly answered: “Do you even need to asked? If you already mess my phone you should know Li Jun only react like that when it comes to my little princess.”

Long Jie leaned closer as if afraid to waste any valuable news that Li Cheng was about to say. Marshal Feng even he looks intently on him ready to absorb any important information he could get.

Li Cheng: “……”

He was speechless… This old geezers they just reached their 50th year an already this shameless.


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