Chapter 108

… After the meeting, in a break room where Li Jun left. Lot of well-known people that participated the meeting went to Li Cheng to talk to him.

This people are trusted people and Li Cheng’s friend.

Acquaintance 1: “Is he the young Master? He sure grew into a fine young man.”

Li Cheng: “Yes. Li Jun grew up as a capable young man. He doesn’t even need my help after graduating high school in managing his own business.”

Acquaintance 2: “As expected of the young Master. Such a capable man, but aren’t he to cold towards other people.”

Acquaintance 3: “And isn’t he to arrogant for his own good. To act like that in an important meeting. Or is it really a life changing emergency for him to act like that.”

Acquaintance 1: “Maybe it was just really an emergency. You clearly saw how the young Master listen all afternoon so seriously in the meeting. He is clearly know how beneficial this meeting to any business man in our country. Such focus and he could clearly adapt to his environment pretty quick.”

Acquaintance 2:” Your right such a capable young man he is. But what made him leave the meeting so urgently. I think based on his temperament as far as I observe. He won’t leave such opportunity without a justified reason.”

Acquaintance 3:” I’m also quite curious what could make a young man with that temperament act so irrational.”

Li Cheng who was being questioned sighed deeply. Somehow he have an idea what made the capable and calm Li Jun act like that. But this old foxes really are sharp for them to observe Li Jun for just a few hours and knows that he was acting irrational and out of sort awhile back.

He deeply sighed again really this people can’t be underestimated, such people are standing to the pinnacle of power in the country in their own right after all. Guess he couldn’t hide it anymore, even though this people can be trusted still just saying how obsessed Li Jun to Gu Jiao would be embarrassing considering it was his daughter. Tsk tsk!

Before Li Cheng could talk the door opened and the prime minister with the marshal following him walk-in. Everyone greeted him and the curiosity about Li Jun abrupt departure was forgotten.

Li Cheng was able to sigh in relief for now he was save from embarrassment or so he thought. But for now he talked to Gu Lee who was beside him about the report and some other business.

When the Prime Minister finish mingling with others and bid goodbye to everyone else except Li Cheng and co. who was left behind as instructed by the Prime Minister.

Gu Lee was somehow tired and bid his farewell when they went out to the parking lot. Li Cheng was left alone with the Prime Minister Long and the Marshal.

The three of them went to a nearby high-class restaurant and reserved a private room for small chat.

While having their dinner.

Prime Minister: “As I see, Li Jun grew up into a fine man. You did a great job rising him. “

Li Cheng: “Right thank you for the compliment, Sir.”

Prime Minister: “Li Cheng we have been sworn brothers why the Sir? You should call me by my name like the old times.” while smiling.

The Prime Minister Long Jie is a handsome man in the age of 50, his handsome features from his youth was still clearly visible and his temperament was really a like an emperor ruling a kingdom with a hint of mysteriousness.

Prime Minister Long Jie was the most powerful man on the nation right now. As a leading figure and the image of the whole country. He had become a man of power five years ago.

Sitting in the highest seat of power, a right and just ruler that was love by the nation, especially his good looks, and single status. Many woman wants to try there luck on obtaining his heart but to no avail there was still no news to a first lady even a scandal can’t be track by the paparazzi, others even thought that their Prime Minister is gay.

After five long years of sitting on the top firmly Prime Minister Long Jie is now the most respected man in the whole nation.


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