Chapter 107

When the second to the last speaker finish the person beside Li Jun stood up and went in front of everyone.

Li Jun was already tired from the whole day of intensive listening and taking notes from the other speaker. He close his eyes and leaned backwards to rest for a while he let the last speaker speak the introduction and just listen while his eyes close.

Somehow when the speaker voice reach Li Jun’s hearing. He frowned because it was familiar. But Li Jun shake is head and continued to rest maybe it was just familiar in his ears because he was extremely tried and can’t even extinguish differences in sound. But somehow there was a nagging feeling inside him that he choose to ignore.

When the speaker reach the important part of his report. Li Jun opened his eyes to concentrate again.

Looking at the projection he saw the speaker when he saw it was uncle Lee, he was surprised. So, that’s why his voice sounds familiar because he really knows him. He then continue to listen but somehow that nagging feeling felt stronger as if he was forgetting a very very very important matter.

Li Jun tilt his head in contemplation he can’t put a finger on why his feeling a bad premonition on seeing uncle Lee here. Li Jun’s concentration was broken. He was distracted.

After a few minutes of thinking that important matter. Li Jun stood up in astonishment.

Everyone on the room fell in silence when Li Jun stood up in abrupt manner.

When everyone look at him and saw him with a narrowed eyes looking in dazed in front of him for a few second. Then they saw him pick something on his pocket when he lit it up and look.

Everyone shivered in fright. Li Jun’s eyes are flashing in a dangerous manner. A cold gust wind was blowing inside the room.

Everyone have the same thought who ever texted him has brought a bad news for this young man for him to intimidate everyone inside this room that even the prime Minister and the Marshal are keeping silent and just letting the young lad do as he pleases.

When Li Jun look at his phone and saw nothing even a text message was not received. His countenance became colder every minute. No message is bad news right now.

When he look up and saw everyone waiting for his next move. Li Jun bowed and apologize: “I’m sorry for being disrespectful suddenly. It’s not intentional. And I would like to be excuse I have important matter to attend to.”

Li Jun after speaking look at everyone and lastly look at the Prime Minister Long waiting for his approval giving him a face as he was the one leading this meeting.

When the Prime Minister Long smiled at him and nod indicating he was dismissed Li Jun turned to Li Cheng beside him who somehow have an idea of who could make this young man act irrational.

Li Cheng heave a sigh: “Give me a call when you got her.”

Li Jun nodded his head to everyone then turned to the door and walk out.

When he was out a full force of cold air was whirling around him.

A glint of light pass to his eyes, he then dialed Gu Jiao’s number waiting for her phone to connect. After waiting for a while and no one was answering his call.

Li Jun’s face became darker than a blackened pot. He was turning angry by the second.

When he called for the second time after the third ring that call connected.

Li Jun’s turned even darker after hearing a male stranger’s voice.

He narrowed his eyes dangerously.

Li Jun: “Hello. Where is Jiao’er”

Male Voice: “Oh, Little Jiao went to the bathroom… Who is this?”

Before Li Jun could answer he heard someone saying that Gu Jiao was the next one on the shot on the background. Li Jun put his phone down and end the call.

A full blown winter was ensued outside the conference room. Even those inside could feel the temperature drop to freezing zero. They were puzzled and ask the staff to  adjust the temperature of the air conditioning unit to a warmer temperature.

Li Cheng was sighing on his sit. He could feel that the change in temperature came from Li Jun outside. Tsk his princess is in trouble this time. He could feel it. Should he warn her or should he not?


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