Chapter 106

Li Jun was in a concentrated pace.

But it was disrupt again for the third time because even if he was able to master not minding the new comer this one was a bit special. Because even the speaker stop talking and fixed his posture and everyone stood up when Li Jun saw this he also did as everyone.

When he saw who came in the door across him, he was astonish because the man who was walking on the head chair is none other than the prime minister and behind him was the marshal of the country.

Li Jun narrowed his eyes he was really surprised, he didn’t expect that the ‘CEO’ of this meeting would be the highest holding power of the country.

When the Prime Minister Long Shen was able to position himself on the head chair and the Marshal stood by his side. Everyone on the table gave a salute and a greeting.

Li Jun copied everyone’s move as to not be conspicuous. The Prime Minister move his gaze to everyone then stop on Li Jun’s direction his eyes flash quickly before he move his eyes again. Then he gave an instruction for everyone to sit and for the speaker to continue the meeting.

Li Jun felt nervous when the prime Minister eyes stop on him. Even though he felt no malice on his gaze somehow it made him uncomfortable.

When he sat down Li Jun discreetly gave a glance on the Minister Long who was sitted on the head chair, Li Jun observe him silently somehow his face was uncomfortably to familiar to him. He can’t place where he saw it why he felt like he was to familiar to him.

Maybe the Prime Minister felt his gaze, he turned to Li Jun’s direction. Li Jun got nervous again, it was rare for someone to make him feel nervous. Maybe such a reverence was some such as the Prime Minister always carry around him that make people nervous specially like Li Jun who rarely got his interest pique by people.

When their gaze met the Prine Minister Long gave a friendly smile on him and a nod. Li Jun who was stunned also nodded in return then he turned to the speaker who began to talk again where he left off before.

Li Jun was in a daze for a few moment, when his senses return the speaker was now reolace by the other. Li Jun missed a little about the interesting report, he shakes his head and concentrate again.

He just put the unnecessary thought on the back of his mind. And begin his conquest to knowledge again. Good thing every report of the people in here are interesting. He was able to get a lot of new ideas for business and important information he needs to consider.

Lunch came but the meeting just continue, food was delivered by a catering staff that maybe was hired by the host of the meeting. Everyone was still engrossed on the meeting some ask questions here and there. Others eat their lunch while listening and would give some feedback here and there.

Li Jun also eat his lunch silently on his sit observing everyone, sometimes he could feel someone was watching him but when he look everyone to see who it is he can’t find him. Either it was just his illusion or the other was goos at hiding.

Either way Li Jun just let it be and just put learning in front of him his priority for today.

Some of the report are crucial because most of them were government project that he needs to know such valuable information. It can help him on being mindful specially on buying land for development. Good thing the reports are detailed so he could take down where he should buy one and where he shouldn’t.

For example on the next report is building new road networks. Those land that passes will be valuable in the future if he could obtain some now when the market value is still low. He would profit when the roads were made because a highly accessible land would flourish.

As such information are extremely valuable and only comes once in a while. He needs to take advantage of it for him to grow.


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