Chapter 105

Li Jun who was now inside an elevator felt a bad premonition in his heart.

He feels restless somehow. But he don’t know why when he heard the elevator alert he went out and just put it at the back of his mind.

He put his entire focus on the meeting, he went to the designated conference room.

Li Jun open the door, he saw Li Cheng sitting on beside the head chair of the meeting table he was a little taken a back because he was not use to it.

He was used to see Li Cheng sitting on the center chair on every meeting he attended with him. Even though Li Cheng sometimes won’t even participate in the meeting he would always have the head chair.

Li Jun’s mind work faster. Right they’re not in S city right now but the capital Li Cheng on have few connections here or the one who will facilitate this meeting is a very influential man.

Li Jun after observing the situation made his way on the seat beside Li Cheng.

When Li Cheng look at him, he gave a customary greeting to him before sitting down.

There were already some people inside. Li Jun observe the people sitting on the table. Some were known people in the business industry, he knows them, some he knows through the news and most were on his research, he cant be ignorant while living in the capital, so he made sure his importation were up to date specially with this giant people who holds significant value and standing on the country’s economy. Most of the people standing were, as he could observe were staff or secretary.

A few more minutes later, some other people came but there were still empty seat on the table indicating that there were still people who are coming but the meeting start at the designated time, 9 am.

Li Jun concentrated on listening on the first speaker, he was intent on gaining experience on this meeting its not everyday that he could listen to this giant businessmen. After a few minutes his entire focus was disturb when the door opened, he look at it and saw another businessmen came it, he frowned but when he observe the others that ignore the new comer and they were still listening intently on the speaker, he frowned again.

He focus again his entirety on the speaker, another person came in but Li Jun was sensitive with it but he choose to ignore it and focus again. Another one cams in but Li Jun became immune with it like the others on the table, he didn’t even noticed that someone sat beside him. His entire focus was on the speaker.

Li Jun gained a lot of knowledgeable information on the meeting its like a summit of some sort on various project. But he was puzzle as if this meeting was made for various leader of the business industry but it feels like a meeting for them to report on the big boss.

He was also confused as to why he is here. He was not a well known figure like Li Cheng although he had his own business but they’re still in an early establishment and can’t be compared to what this people achieve. He thought that maybe he was here because he was an heir to his father position but he also dismissed it after thinking it through because if that is the case then shouldn’t the other brought their heirs to? Why it was only him that is here and Li Jun is sure that Li Cheng was not yet retiring cause he didn’t even train him before intensively for transition. 

Even if Li Cheng start to train him he would just bring him here immediately without any guidance.

He wants to ask question to Li Cheng but refrained himself, he decided to ask later after the meeting was done. An opportunity like this only come once in a blue moon, he should take the most of it.

But for now listening and gaining knowledge is important for his future growth in producing more money for spoiling his sister.


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