Chapter 104

When Gu Jiao remember her antics that time she couldn’t help to hide in embarrassment. Truly she didn’t know what came to her that her guts got so big, she was able to execute a violent reaction that time.

But still it was the power of adrenaline putting all the unreasonable excuses of her action to her panic attack and adrenaline… She was not able to think straight…

Really those information are scary that her little pitiful life couldn’t handle…

Well, she learned a lesson don’t ask brother Li Jun with an uncertain information. She have to put limits or else a repeat of that incident would be disastrous special that she couldn’t think how those importation from that year have bloom.

For sure those information have doubled or tripled.

Gu Jiao was nodding while agreeing about her thoughts.

After all her brother is capable. Tsk such a man.

Gu Jiao woke up on her stupor when she heard a ding sound coming from the elevator indicating she had reach her destined floor.

She was in a middle class condominium where her uncle Lee now reside.

She got out and made her way to the apartment now owned by her uncle. When she reach her destination she knock on the door and waited for him to open up.

Sometime had passed but no one opened the door. Gu Jiao tried again to knock. When a few more minutes pass and no one still open the door.

She fish out her phone and dialed her uncle’s number. When she heard the ringing sound,she waited for someone to answer but it just rang until she heard the familiar voice operator telling her that her call was not answered.

She was surprised this was the first time her uncle didn’t answer her call. She could understand if her uncle is not at home because she got here without informing him but for him to not answer his phone was really surprising.

Gu Jiao furrowed her brow in puzzlement. She tried again to call maybe her uncle was just attending something.

Gu Jiao decided to go down and find a restaurant near the building to wait for a few more hours before she truly move on and find something else to do.

Gu Jiao found a small cafe across the apartment building. She sat a two seated table near the glass window. She ordered some drinks and light snack.

She tried to call again but to her disappointment no call where connected. She was now contemplating if she should call her brother or not.

Gu Jiao throw that possibility she don’t want to disturb her brother in an important meeting. And it was quite awhile since she was alone by herself maybe some unwinding would do her good.

With renewed plan Gu Jiao finish her snacks she ordered and research some place she could visit for the day.

While researching she saw the well known university where her brother was studying she remembered she also studied there in her previous life.

She contemplated a little and she decided to go there to take a look again.

She finish and got up she leave the money on the table along with a tip before going out.

When she was outside the cafe and was about to hail a taxi. Somehow she stop, she feels like doing some adventure like commuting with public transportation today.

Gu Jiao thought to be naughty today there was no one who was watching her if she did some adventure right?

Her over protective brother is not here! To watch over her.

She felt so mischievous now. Right she was already old, she had live for over 25 years in the former life and some more years in this life.

So Gu Jiao look from left to right to make sure no one was following her.

She smiled mischievously when she remembered she ask her brother to not let those bodyguard follow her because she would just stay to her uncles home.

Such a timed escape to be naughty. Gu Jiao smiled evilly, small horns was now sprouting on her head and a black thin tail is wagging behind her.


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