Chapter 103

When Gu Jiao woke up in her panic mode. She was put in a dazed when she saw the forming bump on Li Jun’s forehead.

She didn’t know where that gut devil courage she have awhile ago went to. Her legs turned jelly. Buhoho…

But first she had to see if her brother is fine. She still love her brother very much too just run off on him even if she was scared to be scolded.

Gu Jiao run to Li Jun’s side and ask: “Bro–… Brother are you alright?” with a worried face.

Li Jun was calming himself even though he wants to curse. It really hurt, his head was throbbing when he touch where that flying object landed he could feel a big bump forming on the surface.

When he heard his sister’s question for the first time he wants to be sarcastic and tell her it hurts like hell and what gall bladder had she eats and she was doing that. But sadly Li Jun doted on her the most and can’t do that to her. So he composed himself and answered her in an indifferent manner.

Li Jun: “I’m fine. My head just hurts a little… What happen? Why did you throw your phone at me?”

Gu Jiao was stump for words. She look left and right then when she sees the door of the office was left opened she trotted back and close it.

Then she made her way again to Li Jun in a whining manner to not aggravate him she acted spoiled so she won’t be scolded.

Gu Jiao: “Brother its your fault!” while exhibiting a righteous look that it really looks like it was Li Jun’s fault while she climb her way on his lap to reduce his annoyance on the ‘accident’.

Li Jun knows clearly that she really made a mistake but just close his one eye and let her do what she please, also seeing her like this doing her best not to be reprimanded and having her small body on his lap. He thought that the bump on his forehead worth it.

Li Jun was enjoying the show where Gu Jiao was trying to put the blame on him in a futile manner cause they both know the truth. When Gu Jiao didn’t receive any resistance from him even a refute she just continued on the excuse she thought hastily.

Gu Jiao: “Brother… It is your fault really giving that hit potato on me. I thought I died from heart attack!” while placing her hand on her heart and exhibit a wronged eyes while looking up on him.

Li Jun was choke on words he was speechless. She was the one who asked for them so he really did send her what she ask. Now it was his fault for sending her a ‘hot potato’ that could cause her heart attack?

He was helpless on what to think. He didn’t know what to say.

Gu Jiao knew she was being unreasonable, she knew she ask about it, but she never would have thought even on her wildest dream that she would send everything. She just thought she would one or two documents… Buhoho her brother is really an idiot sometimes and lacks common sense.

Li Jun just accepted his fate on agreeing what ever unreasonable she demand.

Li Jun: “Ok. It was brothers fault… Good thing may Jiao’er didn’t have an heart attack. Or else brother would blame himself. Brother is sorry”

Gu Jiao, who was listening to him, face turns black. Why does she could feel that his speech was full of sarcastic-ness. She could feel it really. But even though its like that she just go with the flow of the wind and continued to be stupid and ignore it.

Gu Jiao: “Now that brother know it was his fault you should deal with my phone and buy me the latest model! Ok!”

Li Jun just laugh, he was somehow happy that his sister care for him. Now it was clearly that she don’t want to harm him. Maybe he exaggerated awhile ago when she ask his business information to be send to her.

Those businesses where his secret cards that no one knows even most of those businesses were not know to Li Cheng. And those information were important that if given to wrong hands would be a vital role that could destroy him.

Information are after all important in business.


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