Chapter 102

Gu Lee was also puzzled why Gu Jiao needs to out a business secretly she was already a heiress of the Li Family.

Gu Jiao was suddenly struck by an idea when she was in Li Jun’s office that night when she saw Li Jun’s personal own businesses out of Li family business. Her dilemma on how to encourage her uncle without explaining much weighs on her minds until she entered her brothers office.

When the next day came before Gu Lee was busy preparing for his moving. Gu Jiao paid him a visit again with now heavily complete reason for her plan.

When they talk again with the money Gu Jiao just dump all the reason on being a business man daughter that her father was training her early in being a businessman in the future. That is why she have this too much money and needs to plan on having small businesses to double the money which was ‘given’ to her.

Gu Jiao made an example out of Li Jun’s business. She tried to be convincing as much as possible. She even called Li Jun that time to back her up without saying to much information to her easy to pick up clues brother.

Li Jun was requested to tell Gu Lee about his personal business out of the Li Family influence, at first Li Jun’s mind run a thousand reason why his sister ask to tell this man his businesses, he was in silence for a few minutes when Gu Jiao called.

Li Jun even suspect Gu Jiao that time that she was starting to show her color in getting close to him. His heart tightened in his chest, those businesses where his own which cant be known to un-trusted people those were his back up if there where in a need for it in the future in easy terms his hidden cards. Baring those hidden cards to people he don’t trust was like a ticking bomb that could destroy him any minute, specially if that person is related to that woman.

Li Jun contemplated for a while on what to do, but somehow he remember the promise he made to himself that even if Gu Jiao was an accomplice of that woman he will not care he would even blindly let her have a knife to stab his heart if she wants too. And he was confident that if those businesses will have an accident given his ability he could stand and redo them again and again.

So he just blindly told Gu Lee about those businesses, he even send proofs of document that they were his all his hidden cards that even Gu Jiao didn’t know before that time was laid bare in front of them. Gu Jiao was dumbfounded to her brothers action even his bank account in and out of the country was given to her. Even the values of his asset.

It made Gu Lee who was able to see half of the papers that was send enough for him to be convince that Gu Jiao was telling him the truth.

Gu Jiao decided to just show some papers of proof to Gu Lee she didn’t show the others specially the accounts that was given to her by Li Jun.

When Gu Jiao settled the money to her uncle’s care. She immediately got home and was running to Li Jun’s direction hotly like her butt was on fire.

When she reach him Gu Jiao throw her phone to Li Jun’s hand quickly. Li Jun was surprised by her sudden attack and was a victim of a flying object. A loud thump sound was heard on his office and a dull pain was felt by him, Li Jun was sure he was going to have a big bump on the for head in a while.

Li Jun was very displease when he focused his attention ready to reprimand whoever the culprit is, he was surprised to see a panicky Gu Jiao who was breathing heavily on his office door. She was red and some sweat was pouring down her face.

Li Jun was stump for words, he just swallowed the scalding hot words of cursing in his stomach. He couldn’t bear to curse his baby sister.


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