Chapter 101

… The two went to there respective destinations after eating breakfast together.

Li Jun drop her off to her uncle’s apartment in the capital where he was currently living.

Li Jun instruct her to behave and he would pick her up after their meeting is finish.

Gu Jiao was pretty excited to see her uncle Gu Lee… She haven’t seen him in a while the last time she was planning to visit him was cancelled because of two reason first and foremost because of her brother Li Jun being unreasonable that day she was going to visit.

She don’t know what happen to her brother that day that Li Jun was in a gloomy mood and doesn’t want to let her go. When she was able to coax him to let her go for a few hours to visits the second reason mysteriously came suddenly her uncle was unreasonably assigned to go in a business trip so suddenly without notice. So in the end she stay home and just coax the sulking Li Jun.

Gu Lee was now working under her father these last five years. He was a manager in there business here in the capital.

When her mother Gu Fan knew that her brother Gu Lee was able to climb in some important position in the company before she tried to coax Gu Lee in her side to do her bidding.

Sadly, Gu Fan failed to do so because Gu Jiao interfere with it to many times for it to succeed.

Gu Jiao had hinted to Gu Lee what was Gu Fan was planning good thing her uncle was able to pick up the clues she laid out and was able to dodge Gu Fans advances.

In the end Gu Lee volunteered to be assigned in the capital which was planned by Gu Jiao with her subtle hints. Gu Lee was advice by Gu Jiao to keep it a secret so that Gu Fan won’t disturb him anymore and he could live there peacefully. Gu Lee followed her advice and he secretly told Li Cheng as not to tell it to his elder sister Gu Fan about his moving and being demoted in a lower position than he was before. He request to Li Cheng to just tell his sister that he was fired and move away.

Li Cheng was puzzled why Gu Lee who was in a bind if he should tell the truth to Li Cheng or just keep silence. He choose the later and just told him that he and his sister Gu Fan had differences that they really don’t get along in many things and he just want to leave peacefully somewhere else and would not want to disturb his sister or be disturb by her.

Gu Lee choose to keep silence as a last remaining consideration he had with Gu Fan as his sister. And he don’t want to be the reason why his sister fall in favor with Li Cheng. He doesn’t want to meddle in a family where he really doesn’t have the right to meddle in.

When Gu Lee told this to Gu Jiao. Gu Jiao understand him fully and decided to push her plan forward for the future. Her back up encase her last life repeat it self and she falls in grace. It was a good timing her uncle was moving in the capital in an important time. Her hard ‘earned’ money out of everyone’s pocket specially those where she got the red pocket during the chess playing session she had with her grandpa and sometimes father will now come in handy.

Gu Lee receive a hefty cash from Gu Jiao which will be used as a start up capital to her plans. Gu Lee was in doubt at first, he was really puzzled with the money Gu Jiao was trying to gave him at first he thought she really just plan to give it to him and he was already turning it back but Gu Jiao immediately explained where that money should go to.

While listening to his niece plans, Gu Lee was in more doubt than before he don’t know if her plan would really be successful or she was just wasting money. Gu Jiao was in a dilemma that time on how to explain it properly to him or just coax him to do her bidding about putting some profitable business for both of them.


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