Chapter 100

A sudden sound from a phone broke their sudden silence.

Gu Jiao breath a sigh of relief, she was save from temptation of kissing her brothers delicious lips. But such a shame an opportunity eating his lips was lose. It was that stupid phones fault! Who’s phone is it! Tell me so I could throw it on the trash bin!!!

While Gu Jiao was in a daze and lamenting inside her head. Li Jun frowned and look at the direction of the sound. He found that it was his phone that was ringing. A displease look was clearly visible on his face.

Never the less he got up and pick his phone. Looking at the screen it was Li Cheng who was calling.

Li Jun answered the phone. While Li Jun was talking with Li Cheng, Gu Jiao came back to her senses and saw it was her brothers phone she pouted because her evil plan to throw the phone was over ruled she can’t really throw her brothers important phone can she? And the one he was talking to was like someone important for her brother to be this serious.

Gu Jiao just quietly decided to get up from the bed, went the bathroom to wash her face and teeth.

When Gu Jiao was done she saw Li Jun sitting on the bed waiting for her. Li Jun was deeply thinking of something.

Gu Jiao went near him and sat down beside him. Li Jun turned to her direction with a frown on his face. Gu Jiao tilt her head to the side she was puzzled on her brothers reaction.

Is there something wrong with the phone call, her brother has a look as if he was contemplating something so complicated.

Li Jun who was undecided right now he don’t want to leave his sister behind today. He also plans to spend the rest of his days for the rest of the week with her in his house, so he could have her all alone to himself.

But his father said they were meeting someone important today, he needs to be there. When he asked if Gu Jiao could come Li Cheng said no. He was very strict with this instruction that Gu Jiao was not allowed to come. They were mainly going to talked about businesses and Li Cheng poke his conscience about what if Gu Jiao was to get bored. It would torture her to wait for them talking for the whole day.

Sometime passed, Li Jun’s gaze on her was so intense as if a he have a very important thing to say. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she broke their silence: “Brother? What’s wrong? Is there anything?”

Li Jun sighed and let her decide even if Li Cheng instruct him not to bring her, if she wants to come who would dare to say no: “Well… Father called and said we are going to meet someone important and talked about business. Do you want to come?”

Li Jun just omitted the important part of Li Cheng instructing him not to bring her with him. He was hoping Gu Jiao would come with him. If she really agreed to come he’ll let her work her charm to Li Cheng so she could come.

But sadly Li Jun was disappointed with Gu Jiao’s answer.

Gu Jiao was amaze, so that’s it? Her brother looks so serious like someone died and the news was so hard to break on her. D@mn her hearts was so nervous and was beating so rapidly. Good thing it really wasn’t so serious. Tsk is her brother joking along with his serious look… Jeez she fall for that…

She breath a sigh of relief and just answered: “Brother I would get bored… You go to this meeting and I’ll just visit Uncle Lee… I haven’t seen him since I came here.”

Li Jun mouth twitch when she heard uncle Lee in there conversation, an annoyed feeling was surging in his blood right now. This sister of his is really cruel would rather be with other man than him because she would just get bored. But still Li Jun didn’t pursue the issue and just let her do whatever she wants. 


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