Chapter 10


Li Cheng gave Gu Fan a glance unhappily: “Gu Fan, why aren’t you still preparing something for Jiao’er?”

Gu Fan who was put on the spot forced a smile: “I’m sorry it slips on my mind I’ll let the maid prepare another set of breakfast.”

Gu Jiao then secretly rolled her eyes. When she saw Gu Fan trotting away in the kitchen. ε=(ノ゚д゚)ノ

Li Wei humped coldly, only then did the lingering scene disperse, great Gu Fan had started to show her true face in the first day! What an irresponsible parent. Not knowing her child allergic food is a sin for a parent specially if the allergic reaction is severe, Gu Fan is really digging her grave so early.

Li Jun just continued eating with an expressionless face as if nothing important is happening. ( ̄ー ̄)

After eating the breakfast. When Li Wei stood up, he saw Gu Jiao also had his head lowered, slightly unhappy: “When are you going to find a proper school to send Jiao’er too?”

Gu Fan was again put on a tight spot: “Father-in-law, we just arrive yesterday, and I haven’t yet look up to it yet… and she still hasn’t adapted, it’s not too late for her to go after the summer vacations end.”

Gu Fan giving Li Cheng a look for him to say something… But Li Cheng just turn his attention to his food…

Aya! this is going out of hands… Dad you can’t just ignore mother yet, you still need to conceive my little brother! Σ(T□T)

Nay… What a troublesome thing….

“Grandpa… Its alright if I go to big brothers school?”

“hmmmm. That’s much better Li Jun can keep can eye on you! What a clever girl… Come here and gave grandpa a hug, yesterday you only gave your father a hug!” ⊂( ◜◒◝ )⊃

Gu Jiao was surprise, what’s happening in this household why each and everyone of them are not by themselves first is father who embrace me warmly on our first meeting, secondly big brother who, surprisingly accepted me last night to sleep beside him, now this grandfather who in the first life is estrange to me from the very first meeting and resent my existence as a form of shaming the Li families name…

Soooo strange…. Soooo mind blowing! ΣΣ(゚Д゚;)

Gu Jiao though confused still got up and gave grandpa Li a hug.(っ⇀’皿′↼)っ

After breakfast, Li Jun ask her if she wants to register in the school already. He would accompany her if she is ready… What a great big brother I have so thoughtful. (^ω^)

Buhuhu… I have to repeat my whole of study… So boring even if I’m not the smartest in the class in my previous life i could still say I’m not an average student either let’s just say if Li Jun is in the same year as me and would sit on the first throne of the smartest kid and would be no. 1 in the whole school then I would be 13th place or so hehe…I’m so humble, right? I’m still pretty smart and I like reading… But repeating my elementary, middle school, high school and college that would be so long it a torture for many more years! D@mn… I’m lazy to do that and that would kill me… ε=٩(●❛ö❛)۶

What should I do this can’t be happening… Buhuhu

“Big brother can I apply for skipping of grades?…” with a frowning brow and matching deep thinking pose. (╭ರ_⊙)

“Skipping? Why do you want to skip grade?” with a rise eyebrow.

“Yes! Skipping grades! I don’t really like to study!”

  Li Jun just lifted his brow for a while:” You don’t like studying? ”  

 “Yes! If I skip I wouldn’t need to study to long I would be finish studying early! And I was lazy to study if I skip grades I could conserve my youth and energy!”

 Li Jun’s eyes brightened up at the places Gu Jiao could not see, my little sister is very special, she does things the opposite way, if you to skip a grade and reduce the time because of laziness, what an absurd idea but logical at the same time Li Jun suddenly felt like teasing her:”Then you should have the capabilities to skip grade then as long as I’m satisfied with your results of your exam application, when school starts I’ll let you enter your first year of middle school.”  

 The person who had graduated university for many years was excited, Gu Jiao stared with her big round sparkling eyes:”Really?” (★O∀O*)◇+。

“Mm” Li Jun gave a response while looking to Gu Jiao.

  Big Brother shouldn’t you be asking father’s permission first before agreeing?  

“Big Brother is the best!” making a huge blinking eyes expression with touch of innocence.  Whatever as long as I can skip grade. Whoever could help me I will give my hundred percent bootlicking* skills! (๑✧∀✧๑)

 Little sister was very adorable and cute, her eyes are truly beautiful, he wanted to gave her a pat in the head. While Li Jun is thinking his hand move on his own…

  ΣΣ(゚Д゚;) Gu Jiao was surprise with Li Jun’s sudden action. What’s happening why is this male god of germophobia  touch me. Is the world ending!

  bootlicking *

–   to try to gain favor with through a servile or obsequious manner.


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