Chapter 10 Part 2

Snuggling a Cat Part 2


“”If the royal grandmother knew that we were married and had not yet do the deed. What do you think she’s going to do with us? ” Mo Jian Chen asked softly, near Gu Yi Ning’s ear, “This is contempt for the emperor’s grace.”

Mo Jian Chen said so, Gu Yi Ning’s heart can not help but shiver, it is not clear how the emperor should convict her, but she knows that if she despises the Emperor’s grace, the punishment will not go lightly.

“Then let’s just go with it, don’t we?” Gu Yi Ning move out her line of sight in fear, and her eyes were back on the cat in his hand.

“Do you like cats very much?” Mo Jian Chen sneaked and asked a question

“Why, don’t you like it?” Gu Yi Ning asked,” The cat is so cute … “

“Do you know the rules passed down from the generations of the Mexican country?” Mo gradually looked at Gu Yining in front of her, she obviously did not know the country. Attitude towards cats.

“Do you know the rules that have been handed down by the country of Mo for generations?” Mo Jian Chen looked at the Gu Yi Ning in front of him, and she clearly did not know the attitude of the Mo State towards the cat.

“What rules? Aren’t you allowed to touch cats? “If there is such a rule, it is so funny, Guyi continue to touch the cat on the hand,” even if there is this rule,, I don’t think you snuggle so much fun?”

“Snuggling cats? “Mo Jian Chen unknowingly look at Gu Yi Ning, this woman, since entered into the eight royal palace, let him feel strange, is it that temperament changes, Or is it not the same Gu Yi Ning at all?

“Snuggling a cat is a hug to a cat, a kind of performance that likes a cat.” Gu Yi Ning patiently explained to him.

“I didn’t.” “Mo Jian Chen immediately denied it.

“Mouth says yes, heart no” Gu Yi Ning glanced at Mo Jian Chen, suddenly remembered the cat that entered her room last night,” That’s right! Is there a cat in Wang Fu? “

“None. “

“But I obviously saw one last night .” The cat ran into my room…” Gu Yi Ning felt a little strange. If there were no cats in the Wang Fu, then where did the cat come from last night?

“Cat “Mo Jian Chen raised his eyebrows slightly and looked curiously at Gu Yi Ning,” What does it look like? “

“A super-nice cat!” Wow, you don’t know, I lived for so long, that is the first time I saw such a good-looking cat!” Gu Yi Ning recalled the cat last night, both eyes are shining, she turned her head, looked at Mo Jian Chen,” Huh? Why is your face red?”

Mo Jian Chen gave a dry cough, immediately stood up: “Ben Wang did not blush, get up, back to eight Wang Fu.”

Gu Yi Ning also sighed quietly, just got up, she felt that the feet were weak, probably squat for too long, she carefully moved forward. One step, but she seems to have no strength at all, and when her feet turned soft, Then she was planted the past with Mo Jian Chen.

The thin body fell into his arms, and she wanted to leave, but the feeling of being under her feet made her dare not move. Mo Jian Chen wanted to push her away, but he was so shaken by her roar that she was too scared to move.

“Mo Jian Chen, you squat for so long, the legs are not numb? “Gu Yi Ning twisted the five senses, and there was probably nothing more upsetting in the world than the numbness of the legs.

“No.” Mo gradually replied indifferently.

“I am almost paralyzed…”

Gu Yi Ning’s voice just fell, and she felt that her body was being swayed by a force. The sudden incomprehensibility and the indescribable pain after the numbness made her, can’t help but to yell.

“Be quiet for this Prince,” Mo Jian Chen, holding Gu Yi Ning to the door of the palace, “Hold well.” “

Gu Yi Ning looked at him with a sigh of relief. At this moment, he was so close to her, clear and deep eyes. The good-looking side face made her involuntarily immersed in his unearthly beauty.

Just as she was immersed in the fascinating beauty, his low voice was inadvertently introduced into her ears: “Look again, throw you away.”


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