Chapter 10 Part 1

Snuggling a Cat Part 1


“What are you doing here? “Mo Jian Chen’s cold voice was entered into Gu Yi Ning’s ears.

Gu Yi Ning was shocked by the sudden appearance of MO JIan Chen, the thin body could not help but retreat a bit, and then slowly leaned forward, crouched on Mo Jian Chen’s side: “I just finished talking with the royal grandmother, want to see what you are doing.” Gu Yi Ning truthfully reported. 

“Grandmother seems to like you very much.” Mo gradually caressed the cat. 

“Isn’t she nice to everyone?” Gu Yi Ning looked curiously at Mo Jian Chen beside her, and his attention seemed to be entirely focused on the cat he had just thrown out.

“Of course not.”Mo Jian Chen stopped the action on his hand, turned his head, and looked at the Gu Yi Ning who was kneeling beside him, her body is thin, sosmall, let people feel she was smaller, let him can not help but want to hide her in his pocket.

The Empress Dowager is not so friendly to everyone. She will stay Gu Yi Ning to chat alone, this matter is enough to let Mo Jian Chen be surprised, think of that time he took Yun Xiang Qi to see the empress dowager, the Empress Dowager just greeted a few words, let her leave first. 

“What did the royal grandmother say to you?” Mo Jian Chen looked at Gu Yi Ning curiously. This was the first time the Empress Dowager let his concubine be left behind and talked with her. He was a little curious and worried. 

“And didn’t say anything … It’s  just about talking about the parents.” Gu Yi Ning reached out to touch the cat.

“It’s that simple? “Mo Jia Chen slightly squinting eyes at the Gu Yi Ning, obviously he do not believe that the Empress Dowager simply talked to her about her parents.

“Otherwise, what do you want the empress grandmother to say to me?” Gu Yi Ning removed her gaze and turned her eyes to the cat in front of him. 

 Her eyes looked like she was running away from something, he could see.

“This Prince will go ask the royal grandmother.” Mo Chien Chen saw Gu Yi Ning didn’t want to say it, then get up and was about to go.

“Don’t, don’t!” Gu Yi Ning caught Mo Jian Chen’s clothes, So the man wanted to know what the Empress Dowager had said to her? 

Mo Chien Chen again crouched down again and put his head to the side. Apparently, he was prepared to listen carefully, so that Gu Yi Ning did not know how to talk with him. 

“The royal grandmother said …” Gu Yi Ning clear eyes wheels a turn, the face could not help but show a hint of ill-intention bad smile, “she said … You’re a stinking watermelon!”

  ? ? ? 

 Mo Jian Chen eyebrow is tight. This little girl’s courage is really getting bigger and bigger: “If you do not talk well with Ben Wang, this Wang Ye is going now to ask clearly.” “

“The royal grandmother said …” Gu Yi Ning, looking at Mo Jian Chen, who was ready to stand up, finally decided to confess to him, “She asked us when she would give her a great grandson.”

 “…” The air seemed to fall into a silence. 

“That’s what I’m talking about … How can two people without love have the crystallization of love? ” Gu Yi Ning pursed a small mouth, it seems that Mo Jian Chen is not very willing to join her …

“I can do it at any time, to tend to my Fei…”

“You wish!” Before Mo Jian Chen gets to finished, Gu Yi Ning already interrupted, this foul man, still want to to take advantage of somebody’s weakness.

“If the royal grandmother knew that we were married and had not yet do the deed. What do you think she’s going to do with us? ” Mo Jian Chen asked softly, near Gu Yi Ning’s ear, “This is contempt for the emperor’s grace.”


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