Chapter 1


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Gu Jiao just got home from her work, she rest her tired body on the coach. After a few minutes she slowly rise and made her way to the doors close them properly, then she made her way to the windows, when suddenly a loud bang and a strong impact made her lose balance, she laid on the floor for a few minutes.

Gu Jiao was scared when she saw a hand trying to reach the door handle. She immediately got up and take a thing that could help her. When the hand reach the door handle a loud banging of the door hitting the wall sounded on the whole room.

Gu Jiao saw a black cloth man entered along with five more people who were armed with weapons. A deep fear run in her heart, she can’t see their faces they were wearing mask.

Gu Jiao: “Who are!? What do you need with me!?”

Black cloth man 1: “You don’t need to know who we are… You just need to know you have to be killed…” he said in a calm cold voice.

Gu Jiao: “Why?! Who are you? Who sent you?! What did I ever do to you to kill me?! Maybe you found the wrong person?!”

Gu Jiao’s heartbeat was beating wildly on her chest a deep fear was consuming her, she can’t think straight.

The black cloth man 1: “Young Miss Gu… We didn’t fond the wrong person… We knew who are target” he slowly made his way to Gu Jiao.

Gu Jiao: “Why? Why are you killing me? What hatred do I have with you to kill me?” she was taking a step back every time the black cloth man came near her.

The black cloth man 1: “You don’t need to know anything… The only thing you need to know is that you’ll die today.” then the man slowly rise his gun and point it to Gu Jiao.

Before he could even shot the gun, a loud scream was heard outside. It woke Gu Jiao to her daze, she quickly tried to run her way thru to the door to escape.

The other black cloth man who were surprised reacted immediately and grab Gu Jiao. They slammed her on the wall.

Gu Jiao felt dizzy from the impact she slowly slid down the wall, before she could reach the floor a punch in her gut made her cough, she felt suffocated from the pain.

Her vision blurred then a bang sounded and a burning pain was on her chest, Gu Jiao strech her hand on her chest it felt dump when she look at it it was blood, her own blood she was shot.

The black cloth men immediately got out of her house.

Gu Jiao look around to help herself she crawled on the coach and sat on it she tried to find her phone to call help. But to her dismay she can’t find it.

Gu Jiao look around her rounding is she going to die like this, looking at her shabby apartment, Gu Jiao felt her tears fall down how she had fallen to this life.

She was a young lady of the Li family, wealthy and influential… She never would have thought she would fall and no one had care for her now even in her last moment.

Her body felt painful all over and as she grow weaker and weaker, eyes felt heavier, and she couldn’t even hear the surrounding sounds clearly anymore.

Gu Jiao wasn’t scared to die, she even thought that it’s a freedom from all her worries and suffering. Her life was such a huge failure that it was practically a joke. Her only worry is her younger brother that’s to be left alone in that household with a mother like that. Her only regret is she couldn’t say goodbye to him and save him from their mothers clutch.

Being abandoned when she was young, Gu Jiao never new familial love, she craved it every time she saw the children her age playing with their parents. The only once who took care of her was her uncle and grandmother who died a year before her mother returns to get her and come to the Li family.

When she saw her mother, Gu Jiao who desperately craved her parents love threw herself into her mother’s embrace without second thought. As she experienced the unfamiliar warmth of her mother’s hug and familial love for the first time, she was ecstatic and she fully believed in her mother. Didn’t even question all the doubt she had while growing up.

The her from back then was so naive! As she was just a child barely 8 yrs old. She never thought that she was just a chess piece that’s to be used by her mother for her wicked gain.

Now that she thinks about it how would such a woman be able to treat a child well when she abandoned her child and family for so many years without keeping in touch or even just a single phone call or letter.

For her mother to be happy and to live up to her expectations, Gu Jiao worked hard to improve herself, protect her younger brother, and curry favor with her father. She did everything her mother told her, even being a wretched person scheming with people for her mother just so she could make her mother happy.

She was look down by the young Missy of other well known family being an illegitimate and unfavored child of the Li family. She endure it just to be with her mother.

Gu Jiao continually provoke and cause trouble to her father and her father’s oldest son, Li Jun. She naively listened to her mother’s plan and thought that if she fought Li Jun for the inheritance and follows her mother arrangement, they won’t have to fight for anything and her little brother Li Qiang would live his life unhindered, love and pampered. Her mother had lied to her that if it weren’t because of Li Jun selfishness and his mother interference, she and father would have gotten along time ago and would have come fetch her sooner. Completing their family, her being a rightful princess.

Gu Jiao even felt that her childhood that is full of suffering and loneliness in the rural village and the separation of her and her family were all the fault of Li Jun and his mother. That Li Jun mother intentionally hindered her mother and father love affair.

Gu Jiao exhaled and slowly closed her eyes as she was starting to feel sleepy.

At the moment there was a sound of the door being opened with a bang.

Gu Jiao groaned, like seriously you people came back for what I’m already dying what’s more do you want to with me, Gu Jiao smiled bitterly. Even in this moment she can’t die peacefully as she tried to find in her memory if their is someone she offended recently.

Even though she offended a lot of people in the past, after she was kick out of the Li family those people never seek her out if they did they only came to mocked her of what she had become right now.

Now that she thinks about it, she had this wishful thinking that’s it is someone else not those black cloth men, but someone who could accompany her in her last minute before dying. But pondering deeply she smiled bitterly again, how could it be as her friend are just two-faced that got close to her for Li Jun and her wealth. Now she feels sour in her heart, being used by people so easily what a pushover she was before.

Ah! She was lamenting nonsense even in this last moment, she was really dumb.

Remembering everything she had don until now, Gu Jiao felt she really was an idiot. She clearly didn’t have the skill and ability, yet she put her all best effort creating tricks and troubles so she could just please her mother. When she thought back onto it, Gu Jiao can’t even distinguish herself. She was truly ashamed. She really regretted everything if she only live simply and didn’t covet anything that wasn’t hers, didn’t seek the love she craved that her mother clearly can’t give. Being contented to what she have that time. Wouldn’t she be at home right now with her little brother and her forgotten uncle?

The broken door was widely opened, and many people came in.

Along with those people Li Jun, her big brother came in walking slowly towards her…

The people stop on their track seeing the bloody woman who was lying on the coach. They broke out in cold sweat, the woman they suppose to save was clearly dying right now, they came to late.

President Li’s appearance, it seemed as if he had a deep relationship with this woman who was about to die. A man step out among the many people who came he was wearing a military uniform. Giving a salute to Li Jun he stated what happen and why they came late. Repelling the people that block their way to save the young miss they were outnumbered and it had taken too much time before they could reach here.

Li Jun frowned he was displeased, he also had taken action to take the men down just to reach here.

Having this man’s presence inside the room could suppress anyone even not revealing his identity just his built would scare anyone being a tall, well-built body, and a handsome yet cold face. Resolute and decisive, he could be classified as the lord at the top of the food chain. Li Jun is a powerful man with the addition to his mysterious identity.

The military team leader thought a small soldier like him can’t offend this man but failing their mission terribly, he swallowed hard just thinking what will happen next.

The normally expressionless Li Jun continued to frown. His special assistant immediately got the hint and sent the people out of the room.

“President Li don’t be too sad. I’m sorry that this incident happened to Young Miss. I’ll immediately call an ambulance.” The special assistant bent at a 90-degree angle in apology. He was very uneasy as cold sweat soaked his back. Feeling the pressure inside the room.


“Yes,” The special assistant was afraid to rise.


“Yes.” The special assistant left at once. His legs felt like jelly. Was here to fetch the Young Miss. Damn it! Someone’s gut really is big to do this on the day the Young Master was coming.

The special assistant’s eyes turned cold. Being one of the few that knew of President Li’s birth history, the special assistant would never dare to look down on Gu Jiao, the Young Miss of the Li Family and big sister of young master Li Qiang. If young miss Jiao hadn’t been incited by her mother into doing shameful thing and stealing from the company, she would be allowed to live a comfortable life. Young Miss Jiao truly live a pitiful life now that the Patriarch was willing to take the young Miss again, but this incident happen.

It was extremely quiet in the room. Li Jun sat beside Gu Jiao who has her eyes close, her breathing is already faint. His eyes deepen when he saw Gu Jiao in this kind of state.

“Just wait for a bit the ambulance is coming.” A moment of silence then Li Jun started talking again: “That year, I only collected the evidence to force your mother to give up on the right of inheritance and be content with what she have, I didn’t plan to release the evidence of yours and your mother crimes in respect of little Qiang and father. After all he still need his mothers care or yours growing up and you are still father’s biological daughter. Your mother would stay Mrs. Li and live in the main house with no decreases in her living expenses… Yet I didn’t expect that she’d make you a scapegoat to her panic allowing you to be kick out and Li Qiang be left alone and ran away that very night.”

Gu Jiao was now weak and can’t really understand what was Li Jun talking about, she could only catch glimpse of it. The only thing that she wants to know right now is why is he here?

Gu Jiao summoned her strength to talk a single question while slowly opening her eyes:” Why are you here?”

Li Jun was a little stunned, he immediately got up and called his assistant if the ambulance is there. He quickly return to her side and said:”I’m here to fetch you home father wants you to return to the Li family.”

Gu Jiao tightly shut her eyes from pain, she didn’t know whether it came from her injuries or from her heart. She never thought that those who she betrayed and had done wrong were the one that will come to her in her darkest hours and the one she hold dear to her heart that she had done everything she could just to follow her would abandoned her again along with little Qiang with nothing even a single care for her children.

Gu Jiao after so many years kept finding reasons to not feel disappointed of her mother for not visiting her or making a phone call to her even once. It was extremely laughable that the familial love that she kept wishing for only amounted to this. She kept on wishing for the things that was clearly in front of her eyes. Her father was willing to accept her again even after everything she had done.

In actuality, the reason why she could live so decently as to now after all the scandal was because Li Jun, her big brother’s arrangement. She knows it was him but because she was to ashamed she never bother to appreciate him completely.

Big Brother. I’m sorry. All this time, I was naive and misunderstood you. If only I hadn’t trick and covet things from you from the beginning and was contended to live simply and honestly, would everything end up differently?

After all, no matter how Gu Jiao provoked and trick him, Li Jun never dealt with her harshly. In contrast, it was her birth mother who…

Li Jun kept on talking to her: “Gu Jiao don’t worry does who hurt you I will find them and will make them pay the price. Your mother may also be involve into this. I don’t know if she really had anything to do with what happened to you right now, but I think it’s very likely. If you die, she has a reason to come back and live in the main house again to act against me. After all, she was the mother of Little Qiang and has the right to his custody.”

“You should fight to stay alive father and little Qiang are waiting for you. If it really was her, I will take care of it, you don’t have to worry.”

Li Jun looked at Gu Jiao determinedly, but Gu Jiao just smiled at him helplessly, she ushered all the strength she had to say a single phrase:” Thank You!”

Gu Jiao who had been numb suddenly started to feel pain beyond endurance. A white light shone so brightly in front of her eyes and she slowly close them. Her body felt as if it was going to dissolve.

Regret and remorse mixed together I feel awful…I don’t want to die. I want to repay father, younger brother and Big brother… were her last thought as she slowly lost consciousness.

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