Chapter 1: The Handsome Youngster is a Girl

In the patchwork of the back garden, Lu Guohua, who was over half a hundred years old, stared at the boy who came to his front with a suitcase.

The youngsters are now popular with short hair that reveals two lush green eyes, and the long fringes of hair are above the pair of phoenix eyes. The diamond lip is not smiling.

Excessively beautiful!

This is the first feeling that a teenager gives.

“Yining?” Lu Guohua called out at the boy, the name of his son. Just because the teenager and his son had an identical face.

It was only this boy who shook his head and pointed out that he was not his son.

“Then you are… Ningning?” Lu Guohua once again shouted out, it is his daughter, that is Lu Yining’s nickname to Lu Dingning his younger sister.

This time, the teenager finally nodded and smiled: “I am, Dad!”

“Ningning, how did you become like this?” Helpless is the body language, or the high-pitched tone, or the red-eyed eyes, which proves that Lu Guohua’s heart is not calm at this time.

Once, Lu Guohua had a very beautiful family and also had a pair of beautiful twins with his ex-wife. The son and daughter look like one, but they are completely two. The daughter is naughty and active, often breaking into trouble. His son is clever and sensible, and he is most worried.

But Lu Guohua’s favorite is still this naughty daughter. After finishing the heavy work every day, he will let his daughter sit on his shoulder and make her happy. Listening to her silver bell-like laughter, Lu Guohua felt that all the exhaustion was swept away.

But 13 years ago, he divorced his ex-wife Shu Zhilan. At the same time as the property is divided, the pair of dragons and phoenixes they have jointly raised are also divided into one person.

At that time, Lu Guohua was making RM chat software, and the prospects were unknown. Staying in the city to develop RM chat software, life is bound to become very difficult. Therefore, Lu Guohua chose to accompany his son Lu Yining and let him accompany him. As for the most distressed daughter, he can only let her follow her mother to leave.

The ex-wife took his daughter Lu Dingning to the F country. Lu Guohua has not seen her daughter and met for many years. Only because the ex-wife went to the F country and remarried, fearing that Lu Guohua would affect the daughter and the new family, the ex-wife has not allowed Lu Guohua to contact her daughter…

If it wasn’t for Lu Yining sudden disappearance and the RM company was in completely chaotic state, the ex-wife would not be willing to give in. Lu Guohua did not have the opportunity to contact his daughter.

It’s just that Lu Guohua doesn’t understand that the ex-wife took away the girl, and now she’s coming back…

Now carrying a suitcase, wearing a white casual wear, accumulating the popular hairstyles of men nowadays, the eyes of the eyebrows are still handsome, clearly a boy!

What surgery did you do, or…

Lu Dingning, stared at by her father with strange and sad eyes, smiled.

“I haven’t had any surgery, and my gender hasn’t gone wrong!”

After giving Lu Guohua a reassurance, Lu Dingning explained: “Mom remarried to Mr. Smith. But Mr. Smith has three boys at home. Mom worried that I will be bullied by them and made me into a boy.”

As for her profile…

At that time, when the mother packed up her luggage after divorce, she accidentally took Lu Yining’s various documents.

Perhaps because of the documents, the mother had the idea of ​​letting her daughter dress up as a boy.

Later, the mother used her brother’s identity information to give her a “new identity.”

These, Lu Dingning did not mention it for the time being.

Lu Guohua heard that her daughter had not had gone surgery or the like, and even said: “That’s good…”

The distressed Lu Guohua, who was holding on to his daughter, with a mixed feeling in his heart.

In fact, after knowing that his daughter was about to return last night, he also went to the mall to buy her some skin care products that girls like now, and he plan to give it to her. But now she is dressed up, afraid that it will not be used.

After hugging, temporarily vented his pain for his daughter, Lu Guohua said: “Your brother suddenly disappeared, I sent all credible people out to find your brother. RM is in chaos.”

With the rapid development of the network, various chat software and video software has risen rapidly. Currently. The advantages of RM chat software have disappeared, and market share has been quickly seized.

If this situation is allowed to continue, RM will face bankruptcy.

In fact, regarding the development of RM, their father and son have already thought of a very good countermeasure. That is to join hands with the world’s number one mobile phone brand Zhuo Nuo Group.

Prior to this, Lu Yining has been in charge of contact with Zong Jize, the founder of Zhuonuo Mobile.

But he suddenly disappeared, causing all plans for RM to be on hold.

Lu Guohua wants to do something, but he can’t start. Therefore, he hurriedly asked someone to find his ex-wife in the F country and let Lu Dingning come back.

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