Chapter 1 Part 2

Run Away Part 2


“The room is too stuffy. I want to go out and get some air. Anyway, the prince hasn’t come back yet. When he comes back, I will go in immediately. How about that?” Gu Yining is unrelenting, she must escape today!

“Sorry, the prince commanded, before he came back, the eight princess, you can’t step out of this room.”

“Then if I want to go to the bathroom, you won’t let me? ” Gu Yining looked at the bodyguard in front of her with disdain, and this man was too obedient, wasn’t he?

“Bathroom?” The bodyguard didn’t seem to understand what she said.

“It’s a hut, latrine! So, you get it, don’t you? “Gu Yining explained to him.

“But the eight prince have commanded it.”

Before he could finish, Gu Yining interrupted him: “Eight prince! Eight prince! Why are you so obedient?! If he told you to die, will you die too?!”

“If the prince is determined to kill this slave, this slave will go.”

“He will let you die; you will die?! Don’t you have your little brain? You don’t have your own thoughts?!” Gu Yining also hated the iron and looks at the guard in front of her. This guard, these ancient people are really rusted in their heads, and it was no wonder that they were being used as dogs.

“Eight prince arrived!”

Before she could speak to the bodyguard in front of her, a loud male voice came from the distance.

“Eight princess, eight prince are here, you’d better go back and sit down first!”

Before Gu Yining could react, the Bodyguard already closed the window.

“What! “Gu Yining came back to the bedside while closing her mouth, and angrily covering the head with the red cloth.

“Why is my Wang Fei angry?” The steady and low-pitched male voice entered the ear, Gu Yining body trembled.

[Wang Fei- Princess]

“Who are you?!” Gu Yining asked in a vigilant manner, and the little hand clutched the red skirt  she’s wearing in panic.

“Mo Jian Chen” The male voice slowly approached her.

Mo Jian Chen? Gu Yining was distracted, who is this?!

“I .. you… Mo Jian, red, orange, green, blue, purple, how can you not tell me when you come in? Don’t you know how to knock? “Gu Yining groaned across the red covering, how did this person come in without a sound?

“I need to inform you to enter this Wang Ye’s room?” The male voice was so arrogant and magnetic, as if it was magical, It gave her the urge to listen for a few more words.

Wang Ye? Gu Yining body tense up, is this the legendary… Eight prince?

The inexplicable tension spilled over her body, God! This is the first time she saw a royal family member… She took a deep breath to calm down her flustered heart.

Suddenly, her vision brightened up, the man in front took off her the red cloth that covering her head, a handsome face was instantly reflected in her eyes. The obsidian eyes stared straight at her, his eyes were deep, as if they were hiding endless secrets.

This prince… is actually a little fresh meat*!

[Little fresh meat – young handsome male, used to describe young celebrities]

Gu Yining can’t move out Her eyes for a while, God! If this prince is in the modern times, he will definitely be popular to the womenfolk everywhere.

“Have you seen enough? “Mo Jian Chen step closer, there is a lift on the corners of his mouth with a hint of devilish charm.

Gu Yining gradually relaxed her soul, “I’m not looking at you!”

Suddenly, a cold touch was on her chin, and a force slowly lifted her face up. He pinched her chin, forcing her to look into his eyes.

“Second Lady of Gu Family, sure enough, this face, a little beautiful.” Mo Jian Chen looked at the woman in front of him.

Gu Yining patted his hand, he looks at her like this, as if she is not a person in front of him but a commodity, she looked at Mo Jian Chen with a look of disappointment:” Is this face beauty, Is it related to you?”

“You are the princess of this prince, how is it irrelevant?” Mo Jian Chen re-squeezed her chin.

“What do you want to do?”Gu Yining’s eyes were filled with unknown fears and dissatisfaction with him.

Before Gu Yining can react, Mo Jian Chen pushed her down on the bed:” We’re already married, of course we have to do something that husband and wife should do.”

Wait a minute! Gu Yining’s hands reached the chest of Mo Jian Chen, and the memories suddenly rushed to her head. The previous Gu Yining had no contact with this man: “The parent’s matchmaking order, the marriage between you and me. There must be some reason to be forced, right?”

Unexpectedly Mo Jian Chen slightly hooked the lips: “No.”

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  1. Well he doesn’t seem to be crippled, ugly, old or dying. So, I can only assume he’s rumored to kill his wives after he beds them. Quick Gu Yining, deploy the Sheherde strategy! Distract him with folk tales of the silk road until morning!

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