Chapter 1 Part 1

Cross Over Part 1


A faint pain rushed into Gu Yining’s head, and the whole person opened his eyes in a faint manner.

What the hell?! Why it so red in front of me?! Wait… I seem to be sleeping on a bed?

She sat up instinctively and took off the cloth that was placed on her head. Isn’t this the red cloth for that covers the head of the ancient bride?! Looking down at the body, wearing a luxurious red wedding dress, even the shoes are so red and so festive!

In front, the antique room is full of color red and a festive mood, suddenly an impact of memories rush in the head, it showed the memories before the marriage, she is trying to escape from the servant girl, she wanted to break free from the servant girl, but suddenly a blow was dealt on her head, she fainted.

Was caught for this wedding? Unfortunately, she is the bride again.

“What the hell?” Gu Yining frowned, I crossed over?

The head began to faintly hurt again. She clearly remembers that she had just escaped from the church and stopped a taxi. It was clear that the escape was successful!

Suddenly, a violent impact hit her, memories rush into her and she remembered! She kept pushing the driver to hurry in order to get rid of those who are chasing her but it resulted to a car accident.

Alas, the world is truly unpredictable, escape a marriage, was thrown back to ancient times but unexpectedly to another wedding!

The white wedding dress turned into a red wedding dress, and she still couldn’t change the fate marrying someone she didn’t love.

“It’s really bad for eight generation of life…” Gu Yining groaned, looking around. It seems to be a little different from the story in the novel she reads.

Wait, what about the servant girl!!!

Shouldn’t there be a servant girl at the bedside, to see her wake up, and to ask with a concerned gentle voice, “Miss, you’re finally awake! How do you feel? Does it still hurt?”

“What about people?” Gu Yining Jumped out of the bed, why didn’t her crossing over played according to common sense?

Where’s my servant girl?!

Gu Yining searched everywhere, but there was no servant girl?

“Anybody??? Somebody!!! “Gu Yining yelled, this life is unfamiliar, and no one introduced it to her?

Suddenly, she stopped, this is good, it was a dark night, no one was watching the house, there were no people and the time is good, this is a good chance to escape the wedding?

Gu Yining walked to the door and tried to open it, but unexpectedly the door is actually locked!

Window! If the door is not working, she could use the window!

Gu Yining seems to have caught the last straw for life, generally ran to the window. The wind opens the window, and outside can hear a lively crowd. As she prepared to take the opportunity to escaped, a low male voice entered her ears: “Eight princesses, what’s the matter?”

“No…Nothing is wrong …” Gu Yining felt she was slap in the face, eight princess She married a … Wang Ye?

[Wang Ye- a prince]

Gu Yining have slowed down her action, slowly closing the window and sitting back on the bed like a lost soul.

Gu Yining suddenly jumped up and rushed to the window again. She suddenly push it open: “Hey!”

“What it is eight princess” The guards asked respectfully.

“Where is this?” Gu Yining asked with concern.

“Back to the eight princess, this is the eight Wangfu.”


Nonsense! Of course, she knows that this is the Eight Wangfu.

“I mean, what is this place? What dynasty? What country?” Gu Yining asked urgently, at least, she needs to learn more, also to understand the background of the dynasty she was in? Otherwise, if you say something that should not be said, aren’t she is seeking a crime and will be killed?

The guard was shocked at first, and then reverently replied: “Mo Dynasty “

“Mo dynasty…” Gu Yining whispered softly. Although she is not good with history, she clearly remembered that her history teacher never mention this country! Could it be a mere figurehead*?

[*I thinks she was referring that it was a small dynasty. That was not mentioned in the history]

“Thank you very much,” Gu Yi Ning sighed desperately. The slender little hand was just about to close the window but stopped again. The little hand was on the edge of the window. Before the prince return, she had to think of a way to escape!

“Brother, I’m hungry. Can I go out and get something to eat?” Gu Yining looked at the bodyguard with full of anticipation, delusional that the bodyguard would let her for the sake being eight princesses and listen to her and let her out.

“Eight princesses, there are refreshments in the house, you can eat it first.”

 ”The room is too stuffy. I want to go out and get some air. Anyway, the prince hasn’t come back yet. When he comes back, I will go in immediately. How about that?” Gu Yining is unrelenting, she must escape today!

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  1. Wonder why the bride had to be knocked unconscious to be married off. Could it be the eighth prince has weird rumors about his preferences, or is like really super old, or perhaps very terribly ugly? I also wonder why Gu Yining, in modern times, found herself in a forced marriage.

    1. Well I’m still also at the first volume but didn’t found anything about that yet… Haha let just wait and see what the awaits for us…

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