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Category: Table of Contents

Table of Contents (WaYDTD)

Why Are You Doing This, Duke!

By: Half-Moon Ring
Translated by: Deanie

Story Outline

Volume 1

    Part 6: Blazing Summer
    Part 7: End of Summer
    Part 8: Falling Leaves
    Part 9: A North Wind, A Winter Blizzard
    Part 10: The End of Barren Winter
    Part 11: Why Are You Doing This, Duke?

    Part 12. Are You Okay, Duke!
    Part 13. What Kind of Person are You, Duke?
    Part 14. For me, Duke.
    [Above] Part 15. I love you, Duke.

Table of Contents (RoGJ)

Rebirth of Gu Jiao

By: Qiaoyi Meili

Story Outline

Chapter 101-150

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