Chapter 3


Gu Jiao being reborn again is a grace of heavens good will. Thinking like this Gu Jiao think she better onto her “fortune telling lifetime”* to make a small fortune, be filial to her father and love big brother, happily care and pamper the soon to be born little Qiang, repay uncles kindness, then marry and hug a thick golden thigh** rich man to pass the days and have kids, never scheme to Li family, and let big brother Li Jun relax… hehehe… What a great plan… ≖‿≖

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Chapter 1


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Before anything else please read the following reminders:

Pls be regarded that this is story is like a fanfiction of sort following the story of “Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom“… Ok?!(*^_^*)

RWSP has a male protagonist(Yaoi/BL romance(*≧∀≦*)) ! But this story is a normal standard coupling of a man and woman…. ♪v(‘∇’*)⌒☆

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