Chapter 34


Li Jun was astonished but he immediately got his composure back thinking about it. During this summer they had gotten closer his sister can touch him without the feeling of repulsion only she alone was he willing to be kiss and hug. Li Jun warped his arms around Gu Jiao tightly. Feeling the soft and small body of the little girl, he felt an inexplicable warmth spreading to his body.

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Chapter 33


Li Jun was nervous without realizing it. He was a little restless and did somethings that his former self won’t do  like waiting in his little sister bedroom. His usual routine would be reading in his room or do some paper works in his study while waiting for Gu Jiao but this time he waited in her bedroom. That was why Gu Jiao was some what surprise seeing her brother in her room looking on the wall in a daze.

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Chapter 32


Li Jun was having a deep thought on how to cheer her sister. Maybe studying to much have put her out of proportion. They said children has excess energy that have to be release. And Li Jun thought that Gu Jiao have behave properly rewarding her and make her happy is definitely a must.

Li Jun brought out his phone and dialed Wang Fang’s number. Hearing the voice at the other end he asked:” Wang Fang where does your brother usually play?”

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Chapter 31


Gu Jiao unlike the previous morning, she was in a deep deep trouble this time. Previously, before her brother wake up she was able to escape a very embarrassing morning.

 But right now Gu Jiao woke up where her entire person was unable to move and was just rendered immobile she felt uncomfortable, how cheap am I that I always end up climbing on top of him and in an entangle mess even though I decided to sleep in my room I always end up here like this? Am I really sick? (/□\*)・゜

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Chapter 1 Part 1

Cross Over Part 1


A faint pain rushed into Gu Yining’s head, and the whole person opened his eyes in a faint manner.

What the hell?! Why it so red in front of me?! Wait… I seem to be sleeping on a bed?

She sat up instinctively and took off the cloth that was placed on her head. Isn’t this the red cloth for that covers the head of the ancient bride?! Looking down at the body, wearing a luxurious red wedding dress, even the shoes are so red and so festive!

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