Chapter 48


Gu Jiao was excited she was going to visit Li Jun in the capital right now it was vacation and her big brother promise to show her around in the capital because next year she would be studying here along side him.

Li Jun was dissatisfied with their arrangement right now. She was in the C city while he was far away in the capital. Li Jun had firmly decided to apply on a local college and stay in C city but the elders at home panic and convince him, Li Jun wouldn’t bulged at first, Wang Fang was the one who had seen the real reason why Li Jun don’t want to go to the capital.

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Chapter 46


Seven years had already passed, Gu Jiao’s was already a high schooler while Li Jun as now a college student in the capital. Many had change in the last few years. Li Jun and Gu Jiao had gone closer to each other both of them continued their routine of waking up in each other arms going to school eating in a secluded place or in the school body president office when Li Jun was still studying in the same school as her.

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Chapter 5 Part 2

Visiting the Parents (Returning Home) Part 2


…… The next day 

Mo Jian Chen and Gu Yi Ning came to Gu Family in a carriage. The family master and his wife was already at the doorway waiting for their arrival. When the carriage stopped at the front of the house, the parents greeted and welcome him with joy. 

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Chapter 5 Part 1

Visiting the Parents (Returning Home) Part 1


Before Gu Yi Ning can fully react, Yun Xiang Qi already yelled and shouted: “Ouch! If Jie jie has any opinion on this sister, why should she make such a fool of this sister?” 

Looking at Yun Xiang Qi, this pretentious face, Gu  Yi Ning’s cannot help but fight back, “In the end who’s deliberately making a fool out of who? Lin Daiyu is not as weak as you, is he? “

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