Chapter 71


Three had an enjoyable week touring around the city. For today their last stop is an animal zoo for Li Qiang and next week before returning home would be a picnic lunch. That day would be an hazardous day for Gu Jiao and Li Jun because both Li Cheng and Gu Fan would be with them for the picnic lunch.

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Chapter 13 Part 1

Bullied Part 1


Gu Yi Ning listened to the words of Li Jun, and quietly came to Ming Xian Zhai. It was quiet here, and the silence here seemed to be different from the rest elsewhere. It was so quiet that it seemed to sink all the distractions in her heart. 

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Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Part 1 (4)

Part 1: The Spring Songbird (4)


At first glance, the Duke of Peruka, located in the west of the empire, was barren. It was not suitable for farming, and because it was close to the sea, pirates frequently invaded and blocked by rugged mountain ranges, making it difficult to reach other territories.

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