Chapter 14 Part 2

Run Away Part 2


“Ning’er, this is a lot of trouble, where are you going?” Mo Jian Chen raised his eyes, pretending to be intimately with Gu Yi Ning calling her sweetly, looking at her with like a smile yet not a smile, so that her heart could not help but tremble a bit. 

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Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Part 1 (5)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (5)

Or would it be okay for the Duke to forget that he had a “wife” if he doesn’t see me? Erin thinks gloomy. She shook her head furiously to shake off her depression. As a result, the scarf around her head was released, and her curly hair, which was bound up, was found to be rich. In the meantime, the wind blew hard and the dust on the floor of the market blew, and Mary cried out in despair.

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