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This is a site set out to for readers to read novels that are written and translated by Meili-san.

Something to know about about Qiaoyi Meili: She is part-time web novel author and translator that is trying to graduate from university.

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Current Novel’s:
° Rebirth of Gu Jiao ° (On-going)


Current Translation:

° Cuddle ° (Completed)

° Wang Ye is a Demon ° (On-going)


Note: The novel of Meili-san would be close to Chinese culture, although she is not Chinese, she hopes that she would be able to cover her shortcomings thru research and references. She might also write in Japanese theme and others, it will all depends on her imagination and creativite mood. Her novels would be 100+ chapters long. It depends on her story set up and plot line. She hopes you would continue to support her until every story ends. Some times her story would be a fan-fiction of another story she would say so in her disclaimers. 


P.S. – Meili-san is open for criticism, correction and comments! Any idea contribution or correction and tip a reader would send her she would like to give a mention on what chapter they contributed. Just leave her a note regarding it. Thank you!


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Chapter 1: The Handsome Youngster is a Girl

In the patchwork of the back garden, Lu Guohua, who was over half a hundred years old, stared at the boy who came to his front with a suitcase.

The youngsters are now popular with short hair that reveals two lush green eyes, and the long fringes of hair are above the pair of phoenix eyes. The diamond lip is not smiling.

Excessively beautiful!

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Why Are You Doing This, Duke! Vol. 1 Part 1 (13)

Part 1: The Spring Of Songbird (13)


“I guess it wasn’t urgent. Tell me when you think of it.”

“I’ve never done this before.”

Except for the “magic” that attack him out, she’s never seen him forget anything, but Erin led him out of the greenhouse with a smile. It was difficult if he ever saw the pattern on the ground.

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